Noob question: monitors, recommendations, and lag

so i realized the hdtv’s ive been playing on suffer from about 3 frames lag, I’ve looked at the dedicated HDTV lag post, but with 100+ pages of response, its really tough to get answers to some simple questions, so I’m throwing this in tech talk:

#1. If you buy say a monitor off of, that claims to have 1-2 ms response time, would you be pretty much lag free? I know HDTVs have lag due to post-processing, but if you play fighting games on a monitor, are you ok?

for ex check out this: - ASUS VK246H Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 1000:1 (ASCR 20000:1 ) Built-in Speakers w/ 1.3m Pixel Webcam

#2. what do experienced players play ssf4 on? do you have a dedicated monitor? a busted old crt TV? an hdtv you’ve hand-picked for its low lag?

I’m tempted to find an old crtv until i could afford something better, but it seems criminal to play such a beautiful game in low resolution.

Help would be much appreciated!

It’s super important to know that the advertised response time is ALWAYS the “pixel lag” rather than the actual “input lag,” at least on every manufacturer/retail description I’ve ever seen. Usually smaller screens won’t have problems, but the only way to know -for sure- what the actual lag is a real speed comparison, probably with a high-speed shutter camera. The ASUS monitors that were used for Evo are a solid choice for sure.

If you’re playing on 360, you can use a VGA adaptor and a CRT monitor for a cheap, hi-res, zero-input lag option.

I personally play on a Panasonic TC-L32X1, which is big, beautiful, and extremely low lag. They might be tough to find anymore, though.

Response time has nothing to do with input lag.

Personally I would go with the ASUS VH236H if you’re looking for a monitor, since it is confirmed nearly lagless and was the monitor used at EVO 2k9. In 2k10 they changed to some Alienware monitor that costs considerably more, if I recall correctly.

Also, the VH236H is a little smaller than the monitor you wanted (by an inch) but is cheaper and, in my opinion, the safer choice.

asus 236h for a small one and the panasaonic 32x1 viera for a big one . these are the best and nothing else has had the test results these two monitors have. I found my panny online refurbished for cheap.

thanks so much for the clear response instead of telling me to stfu and take it to tech talk. that one thread is just way too blown up.

probably gonna get the asus for christmas to use strictly for street fighter, or to take my gaming rig on the go. im stupid and payed $2200 for a 720p samsung dlp back in 2004, lets hear it for being an early adopter. on my 480i ps2 games, the lag is so bad I press a button, go make a sandwich, and come back for the action. Its ok on games that don’t really need that precision (grand theft auto, left 4 dead), but i feel dumb for playing ssf4 on it for the last 8 months.

last question, the lag on the Asus is clocked at like 7 ms-ish (< 1/2 frame), on that panasonic model, what is the lag look like?

I bought a Sony Bravia 52w5100 End of 09, although this set doesn’t suffer from any INPUT LAG l went out and bought me a Samsung (PX23070) 23" led bklit/lcd monitor $250 just for ssf4/gaming. PM me if u want details why l decided to go with a second display or any ?

thanks crack, i appreciate it, I’m gonna go ahead and go with the asus evo joint, its only $166 after rebates, and SSF4 is pretty much all I play lately (with the exception of dusting off the wii to play the criminally underrated mario galaxy 2), so its well worth the investment. That way i can get some games in while the wifey is watching tv, and have an easy monitor to bring when i travel.

additionally, I’m gonna start to organize a semi-frequent casuals night in my community, and with my 2 TE fightsticks (an awesome wedding present) and the new monitor, I’ll have a portable set up i can easily bring anywhere!

REAL quick question, got the asus 236h in the mail today.

for the settings, all i gotta do is turn it to game mode, and I’m good to go, right?

for tourny practicing, i play on my evo monitor.
for casuals i play on my 55".
if anyone complains about the lag, body them on the evo monitor ;D

You don’t even need game mode on the ASUS line. It is just color presets.

thanks for the help guys, before i was playing on an old samsung dlp hdtv, with a disgusting 3.75 FRAMES lag. no wonder i’d miss blocks.

with the new monitor, i won a TON of games last night, even close ones. thanks!

now you can let this thread die.

As a last note, I love that ASUS monitor. I use one on my current PC now and wish it had more different inputs (Video 1, Video 2, etc) so that I could just use the damn thing as a TV.