Noob Question on Microswitches


I’ve been reading tutorials and looking at these, but I’m not sure what exactly you need a microswitch for. Why can’t you just connect the buttons to the controller PCB?


Because a button wouldn’t be a button without a microswitch, same with a stick. The microswitch is what actually completes the electrical connection when you press a button of push a stick in a direction. Consider these, the white bit under the Happs and the blakk bit under the Sanwa’s are the microswitches. Without them, the buttons are just plastic plungers in a tube.


I understand that, but why do all the buttons have to be connected to a board, such as what i linked to in my original post, instead of just a controller PCB?


…What? I think you should read harder.


They don’t. That’s what padhacking is. There’s an entire thread on that in the tech talk forums.

The reason those boards exist is to make the process as painless as possible (You can make a stick without soldering) and have support for multiple consoles.

You’re new here so I suggest you read Toodles’ Cthulhu FAQ, the padhacking thread, the noobie guide, and slagcoin (again). It’ll really help you understand the process.