Noob question regarding soldering buttons to Xbox 360 PCB

Alright, so I’m thinking about doing a major overhaul to my dusty X-Arcade dual stick and making into a single player stick with a mixture of Sanwa and competition Happ parts. All I want is for it to have Xbox 360/ PC connectivity (I might add PS3 support later).

My question is: do I need to install some sort of microswitch board between the Xbox 360 controller’s PCB and the buttons? Or can I just run wires from the buttons directly to the PCB and call it a day? For some reason, I’m having a difficult time finding info on this. Even the MadCatz sticks seem to have a microswitch panel between the buttons and PCB.

Don’t laugh, guys. I told you I was a noob. I just want to step out of my SE artwork and button modding safe zone.

Most people just connect their buttons directly to the PCB. Sometimes they use barrier strips or something to make the wires a bit neater, but they don’t change the connection at all.