Noob Question (sorry...)


I, like many of you, have set out to build my controller, I just had a couple of questions, if any of you have a sec to answer it would be much appreciated.

1.) On the Xbox 360 PCB (wired or wireless, MadCatz or Microsoft) with a common ground, which spot do you use on the PCB to daisy chain the grounds? Also, how do you know which of the 2 possible solder points for each button and direction is for the signal?

2.) When I’m wiring the directions to the joystick, how do I know in which order the wires go? I’m going from PCB to a 5-pin connectore, then subsequently the connector onto the pins from the joystick, but how do I know in which order they go?

Anyway, as I said, noob questions. Sorry, but your help would be great.


To know what point is the signal, check the various pcb diagrams, found here:

You can use any of the common points to chain to the other buttons, they’re labeled. If you have a board that isn’t mapped out, you can use a multimeter to check for continuity, the signal side won’t have continuity with any other button, where the ground will either be connected to all other buttons’ grounds, or connected to at least one other button’s ground, depending on if it’s common ground or not.

As for the wiring harness on your stick, it depends on which way you’re putting the stick in. Easiest way is to just test them with a multimeter, touching one end on the pin and the other on the various switches until you find which one it is.


TRNG’s diagram for the JLF harness:


Aha, that’s extremely useful.



Thanks alot guys, you’ve just cleared a bunch of things up for me. Much appreciated!