Noob question:The transition from ranked matches to player matches


I’ve been playing ranked matches for some time now (6th ranger) and I’m curious about playing player matches for now on. What should I expect when I play player matches? is it better than ranked? if so then why?


In my personal opinion player matches are better than ranked because of the fact that you can rematch after a loss and there are some people that will play a long sets with you which is very fun. Also as always there’s goin to be the assholes like you would meet in ranked.


Ranked has some of the lowest kinds of players you will ever encounter…it’s like they are playing a completely different game. Avoid it unless you want to be frustrated, ranked is full of frauds that try to take advantage of stupid tactics in lag that would rarely work offline.


Ranger… so UMvC3, huh…

Plain and simple is choose your poison. Ranked, yes, you’ll meet a lot of people who abuse tactics and some douches, but its not like player matches are immune to these people (I’ve had people DC before losing. Player matches don’t even count D: ). However, I have noticed a significant skill increase when moving from ranked to player. On player, people are more laid back and the combos are more open and varied because theres no real penalty for testing out that new string you just made in the training room.


Player matches are where it’s at. People aren’t worried about ranking up so they play for fun. You also see a lot more variety of teams. The skill gap is also better, but not drastically. You’ll still get the occasional fraud/scrub. However, when you get a good player, they put in work. I’ve played “Beginners” who are leagues better then “3rd Lords”.


Player matches is better generally because any decent player is aware online (especially umvc3’s) is very flawed and put no weight in ranked. A top ranked individual does not mean they’re good online. So typically a good player wont even bother.

Second to note is that player matches allows for multiple rounds. Consistency in fighters is extremely important. Even the best player can be scrubbed out on a match or two…and in ranked that inferior player probably wont be any wiser to their fluke win. So player matches helps curb lucky wins. Multiple matches also means you are reading your opponent. Reading and training an opponent is a HUGE factor and sometimes a round is not enough. I lose to new shenanigans i encounter all the time…but in a FT 5-10 I will have figured it out and completely wrecked my opponent after that is taken away from them.

So NEVER in any fighting game take online seriously. Lag is always a factor even when it’s only a small amount. What could be a tight framed counter hit could be you hitting them for a big damage. One difference can change the outcome entirely. This means players are likely not risking optimal combos, hard to time set ups, and may even be using lag to help exploit lag induced frame traps. Online should only be played out of boredom and practicing basics such as getting the hang of a new character.


I tried playing some player matches for a while and it sure is a wake up call, I get my ass handed to me in every match. I personally don’t mind losing in player matches but what really bothers me is when they teabag and exit the match with a smug attitude. Is it natural to lose a lot when you are new to player matches?


Yeah. Its a whole new worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllld.


A new fantastic point of view.


No one to tell us no, or “Arthurs slow”, or criticize our teamings.

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But when I’m queue’d in here, its crystal clear, that now I’m in a whole new world with youuuuuuuuu


No, its not. Because people on ranked are MUCH more likely to be the competitive minded type and take their game seriously, ready to whoop ass. While player matches are usually for more casual type just playing around and experimenting.

I almost always play on ranked and rarely go up against a scrubby player, every match is a serious battle. Has helped my game tremendously to gain experience and learn match-ups.

Sometimes i actually wonder where all the scrubs went, as if they all quit a while back when things started getting rough in the community. Not that long ago a friend of mine was in a player match room and invited me. When my turn came up i was nervous as hell, and did NOT want to lose and be put in the back of the damn line.

I showed up ready for a battle…and PWNED hard. 7 win streak. Because it turned out to be just a bunch of casuals and i was like, “ooooh so THATS where you guys have been”.

In ranked its extremely rare i get that many. Even on a Good day, i can go maybe 3-4 wins before i finally run into somebody that just DESTROYS me. Always playing against better players…thats how you get better.


Maybe your standards are too low or something…I can’t help but run into frauds in ranked almost every single match. Really boggles my mind how bad some players are that somehow have ranks like 3rd lord all the way to even high lord. I think I only fought one cosmic lord but from what I’m hearing, a lot of them are frauds too.


I think you may be confused to what a good player is O.o

Also I think your problem is your going to the lobbies. Go to training mode and set up auto search for player matches > same region > any rank…you’ll get much better players than you would on Ranked.


Sorry but your creditability in this post kinda went down when you started mentioning the wonky rank “lord” system. Which does not mean anything.

Sheer win/loss streak gives one a better idea of what you’re up against. Even then thats inaccurate, especially if they’ve been like me and playing on ranked since they were noobs.

Competent players that know their stuff.

I know some like to act like ranked is nothing but gansta wannabes, and player matches are where all the disciplined samurai go or something. Thats not so. Plenty of good players frequent ranked to put their skills up to the test.

Not saying everybody that does player matches is lame, but more likely than not ranked is where the better players operate. While casuals & noobs find ranked intimidating and usually stay away. Rightfully so.


I REALLY have to disagree with you there. Better players are going to be in Player matches because it’s more than 1 round, online ranking is pointless and misleading to actual skill, and anticipating better players in player matches.

Also I dont think any good player goes online to ‘test’ themselves. This game is really bad online and a lot of shit changes dramatically in lag so anyone who is using it as a skill evaluation system is likely not aware of good play offline. What you’re going to find is noobs and pros sit in Player matches and average players will be in Ranked. The reason being, noobs will avoid ranked due to misunderstanding and caring about rank, average players can run people over in the lag and feel validated by Ranked wins, and Pros are aware it’s all bullshit and value multiple matches far more than random 1 of sessions that mean nothing and leave no time to download an opponent.

You’ll find players everywhere, but typically this is the pattern for ALL FGs unless they have seriously good online and even then the allure of multiple matches and hand picking better opponents is often more important to pros. In fact a lot of pros dont search randoms, they have training partners or ways to filter people out. You also have to keep in mind lag can really fuck someones game up and make them look bad and make bad players look good. I can’t even do Cap day 1 BnBs online and get dominated by magneto loops that have me going ‘how the fuck can they do that in lag?!?’

Also Emil mentioning lords is just pointing out how Ranked is flawed in determining skill…his credibility is not gone on those statements. And win/loss doesn’t matter not because of where you started…but who the win/loss is too. If I beat 1000 scrubs, it doesn’t mean much if im comparing myself to a higher tier of play. I’m a bit curious to your level of player to be honest…


I agree, in player matches I tend to fight experienced players that kick my ass 5 matches in a row EVERY…SINGLE…TIME! :looney:


there is this weird pattern of behavior that emerges in the world of online marvel.

basically, the lower level players and the highest level players generally have better manners than the mid-level players.

cause in the mid-level (usually 6th - 2nd Lord) you get these people who are becoming good at the game, but aren’t quite good enough to dominate. but they think that they should be winning every time. so the end result is super-saltiness when they lose, and rabid teabagging when they win.
the beginners just enjoy the characters and want to have fun, and the higher level players just don’t care enough anymore to react emotionally to winning / losing cause they’ve played like 80,000 games.

anyway, i still think Player Match is the most bang for your buck. I’d say 8 out of 10 people i encounter there are respectful and will play long sets.

Also, i recommend setting rank to “Any” when searching player matches, cause you’ll get a broader range of players. And you get to see their rank during character select. So if i see a beginner / amateur, I’ll try out one of my new teams. But if i see someone around my rank, I’ll go with my main chicken.


Not true. You don’t NEED to play the same person every time just to level up your own skill, nor learn match-up experience. And in some ways its much better to constantly play different people as that exposes you to a variety of play styles.

Ex: Have trouble with Wesker? Then its better to play against MANY weskers, not just one. That way you can get exposed to a little bit of everything and the different tactics that players use, as well as the common ones they utilize.

Learning more and more with each match.

I know its ‘popular’ to whine about online, but its nowhere near as bad as its made out to be. Sure its not perfect but 80-90% of the time i have no complaints, and have played my share of offline against others to compare.

Most of the friends i have to play with offline unfortunately are of the casual variety that don’t take their game seriously, so running a train over them is child’s play.

Online is all i have to get exposed to a large pool of better players and gain experience. I wouldn’t be the player i am now without it, and have gone to several tournaments with guys that competed in final round and held my own.


You can’t really absorb anything in 1 round. If you’re hit with new tech it’s going to take a few times seeing to analyze what happened and come up with a counter or defense. This is one of the reasons why they’re discussing 3/5’s for EVO right now, to curb random tech taking a match too early. Fighting games is a lot about reading the opponent, not just the character match up from the get go and that takes more than a round.

And online is REALLY bad for this game. I think I have a particularly bad connection as it seems impossible to do even basic shit on it and my opponents have perfect combo execution, but either way it’s still not good. In a game where TODs and pressure resets are rampant, 1 change in who got hit or a bad block can mean a completely different winner. It’s also VERY dependent on your characters. Wesker translate amazingly to online because he combos hit confirm very easily and are easy to salvage and auto correct while a character like C.Viper takes a huge risk attempting their standard tactics needed to be competitive with the character. Your playstyle is also a factor and can either buff you or nerf you depending on your strengths

Online is reserved for fun, showing off tech, learning match ups, and getting a handle on new characters and teams. It should NEVER be a marker of skill. Even if you beat them 10-0 they could very likely be better than you offline and you wouldn’t know because of the nature of this game when a hit occurs.


You can absorb plenty in one round. Maybe i’m alone in this but with each loss i’m always going over in my head what happened, and what could be done next time. If one has the experience, fair knowledge of the game, and tools to formulate a theoretical counter-measure.

Also no tech remains new for long, even if its just one player out there doing it, eventually others will take notice and use it too. Things have a way of bleeding out into the community. So its not like i’m going to come across something new, lose, and then never see it again.

Overall online has been good for me, and a vital tool for learning and gaining experience. As well as fun factor.