Noob question (U2 activation)



Hey guys, I’m getting back into street fighter and I just got a tournament edition stick after playing with a 360 controller. I’m having a horrible time getting U2 to activate consistently, something about the double QCF is hell for me. Any tips on how to hold the stick/getting this move to come out?


You might get a better answer from here

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I agree with Raiden, this isn’t the place to ask an ordinary question like that (especially in a new thread), but I’ll help you out.

All I can say is practice. See what you can do to improve that execution is to see what you are doing wrong with input display in training. Then work on those motions. Then play some games with friends, I was pretty mad about losing to execution error when I first got my stick, but you won’t get as mad playing with friends (at least with a good sport like my friend). At first QCF wasn’t much of a problem, but QCB was, for me. Just practice.


yeah there arent really any “tricks” to double QCF. go into training mode and do the motion slowly. whenever i teach people how to play, they always mash the inputs so fast that they screw it up. once you get it, you be able to do it quickly, but until then, try it slowly. and make sure you feel the stick hit the bottom and forward walls so you know you fully hit the QCF


Is it side specific (p1/p2) or situation specific? If you are trying to combo I to it (ex legs etc.) the timing is a little more strict. All can be worked out in training mode. You don’t need to enter the motions too quick to have u2 come out. Use training mode and watch your inputs. If your inputs are correct then you’re doing it too early. If the dummy blocks then you’re too slow.


Thanks guys, I’ve got the BnB combo > U2 down to about 90% accuracy :slight_smile:


Make sure you turn on input display in Training mode so you can see where your problem is.

Also, there is (sort of) a shortcut.

Ordinarily the motion for double QCF is:
BUT the game’s input leniency will allow you to do
(in other words, not rotating all the way to forward on the first QCF motion)

And your Ultra will still come out.

So, this is actually a bad habit for me, but I have a tendency to do all my Ultras the same way now, whether it’s Ultra 1 or Ultra 2, I just press different buttons depending on which one I need.

My Ultra execution now looks something like:
:db::d::df::d::db::qcf:+:3p: OR :3k:

So for Ultra 1 the game sees:
[:db:]:d:[:df:]:d:[:db:]:d::df:[:r:] + :3k: = :db::df::db::r: + :3k:

Whereas for Ultra 2 it sees:
:db:[:d:][:df:][:d:]:db:[:qcf:] + :3p: = :d::df::qcf: + :3p: