Noob Question

So what do you do when someone just crouches and jabs and sends anti airs?
I’ve played like 10 games so far and just got this game.

When I face some who does that I tend to get close and start to footsies with them and usually out jab them. Dont try to jump in at all though. Try to get knockdowns and take advantage from there.

Who are you playing as?

You could probably hit them while they jab with a higher ranged move, then when they hesitate to attack because of this you can walk up and throw them or something.


  1. What are footsies?

2.Paceyz, I like your girlchan avatar D:

Footsies: A complicated playstyle combining spacing, zoning, and pokes. Generally refers to close- to mid-range poking that revolves around baiting the opponent to throw out a poke and punishing the whiff with your own.

You’re Adon and you’re playing scrubs. Just spam Jaguar Kicks to chip him to death.

He says they send anti airs

He’s also playing online. I doubt they can react that fast. Not even JWong could react that fast.

But if it’s a big deal then once in awhile he can fake by doing neutral jump or something and watch his opponent fly into the air yelling “SHORYUKEN!!!” and then get a free ultra.