Noob Question

Is there an Xbox (and/or 360) version of SF3, and is it online capable? Cause I see alot of people on here with Gamertags and talking about playing others. I just wanted my speculation to be confirmed once and for all.

There is an Xbox version of SF3 that is online capable through xboxlive. It’s in the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

Also there is a good crowd of people who play 3S online via emulators. (2DF and GGPO being the popular choices.)

I’d recommend the emulator route if your computer can handle it, since 2DF and GGPO generally offer better gameplay experiences lag wise. Plus, the general skill level seems to be higher.

Is there a fighting stick for the PC?

I thought ggpo didn’t have 3s anymore.

Lots of people have them so yes there are.

PC version all the way, also. Xbox live is a really bad way to play and you won’t just randomly meet people, while on 2DF you just get in and there is always a bunch of people (from Pro to Total Noob) to play with.

Would’ve taken you 5 seconds to find this information on google.

Thats why its a noob question

noob question #2
how do yall play it pc wise? do yall use a arcade that has a usb end or a ps2 controller to usb thing or what?

Some people have usb sticks, I use a T5 with a PS2 to USB converter. Super Joy Box 2 Pro is the converter I use.

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