Noob questions about adapters at Evo 2009


If a person plans on attending, do they need to bring their own adapter if they only have an Xbox 360 SF4 TE stick?

The adapter is $64.99 and I would like to avoid having to purchase one if possible.

I understand all games are on the ps3, so adapters will be necessary if people bring an Xbox stick. Will the organizers provide adapters for those who do not have one?

Thanks in advance for any info you have!


I don’t expect Evo staff to provide 360-ps3 adaptors. Mostly because all the adaptors available are pure shit.
Do NOT buy that 65$ converter. It lags, drops inputes, basically it downright sucks. I suggest finding another way, get a PS3 SE or something else but 360-ps3 converters are all garbage.


Wow, that really sucks :confused: So there’s no good solution for people who only have Xbox then?


It’s been announced for a very long time that things will be on PS3, either get a dual PCB stick, or I hear laugh’s inpins work pretty well also but he’s looking pretty swamped with orders right now.


There really isn’t – I did a fair amount of research on the 360 --> Playstation converters and it seems they all suck pretty hard for what you’re paying. AND you always need a wired controller to lug around. I only play old school on a Saturn pad so I have to have my friend just make this crazy project box for it, so I feel your pain.

Getting a stick modded for Sony platforms (or getting a separate stick even) are your best bets. For the price of those $80 XFPS converters you could get the mod done for sure, probably cheaper than that.


There are good solutions, just take some legwork.

A Chtulu + Imp from Toodles (check Tech Talk here) will let you turn most 360 sticks into PS3/360 sticks with a little work and soldering.


aka there really aren’t any easy solutions. MS’ fault in this case… Thankfully I already have a custom PSX stick and an InPin adapter, but for those that don’t crackbone’s solution is the best short of just buying another stick. Either that or arrange beforehand to borrow someone’s stick.


Any word on DC converters for those of us playing Marvel?


i imagine they’ll use ps3’s for the mvc2 tourney this year, since it’s afaik a perfect conversion of the dc version… i could be wrong though hehehehe




afraid so. pretty much everything is being ran on ps3.


its not like you havent had half a year to get a ps3 stick.