Noob questions! bought game today

Hello. I just bought this game and think Rose look awesome so i will try to make her my main character. But i cannot simply execute her soul satellite even in training mode…I have never made it. And yes i have my ultra meter filled. Some help please?

Also, I am playing on the ps3. Is it more effective to play on the d-pad or the analog stick?



P.S Posted this on Rose forums but didnt get any answers.

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Well… it’s pretty simple QCB, QCB, so I can’t really tell you how to execute it better. There isn’t a trick to it, just practice it until you get the input down. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Don’t worry, all you’re ever going to do is mash the grab buttons with her anyway.:rofl:

but when i do QCB QCB and the punch three times, she reflects >_<

rose’s U2 is the only ultra in the game without the input leniency shortcut for QCFQCF.

everyone else can :d::df::d::df::r: + :p::p::p:

rose has to actually perform the entire motion, hitting forward twice::d::df::r::d::df::r: + :p::p::p:

(ok, ‘back’ in her case. whatever. the point is you just have to be less sloppy with your inputs.)

turn on inputs in training mode - this will tell you what you need to do differently.

Don’t press punch three times.

Press light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch at the same time.

Then why doesnt the game tell you that?!?! :@

It’s implied, lol.

This goes for every ultra in the game, BTW.

Lol, now i make it almost every try… How was i supposed to know that three hands was code for LP MP and HP…

its implied, since there are 3punch and 3kick buttons

The icon colors in the command list tell you which strength of your punch/kick to use.

For instance, Red punch/kick is heavy. Yellow punch/kick is medium. Blue punch/kick is light. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

They are all grey for me…

Really? Wow. =\

3 punch means not to punch the times, but hit all three punches at once.

Are you color blind by any chance?

Hahah no… The three hands or feet are grey :stuck_out_tongue:

Topic made me lol.

Though, now that I think about it, I can see why you might think it means press it three times if you’ve never had anyone tell you otherwise.

Seems strange to grow up without the rules of street fighter being like 2nd nature.

I made the same mistake on my first day :slight_smile: