Noob questions: ibuki and chun

Hi, a noob here,

I’ve just started playing street fighter and have been playing around with chun and am planning to main her (because she sexy and awesome). I’m just wondering whether people would recommend this since she supposedly does not fare to well against the yin/yang twins and was slightly nerfed in AE. I’m planning on taking the game fairly ‘seriously’ and dedicating myself to one character. I’m also considering Akuma, Zangief, E.Honda as alternatives (also Oni is cool but everyone uses him and i like to be a bit different).

Also, what is the best way to deal with ibuki players spamming knives and slide-throws at me and jumping away from chun (again and again)? Goddamn you Ibuki - i hate that slide!!

Don’t throw kikokens if she has meter, because that’s a free ex slide into vortex. Otherwise, just be prepared to block low, but don’t turtle or you will start to get some overhead stuff coming your way. It’s a free punish on block.

Would you advise I pick up chun as my first main in the AE metagame?

That’s kinda your choice, she’s not an “easy” character to use or learn the game with, but if you get good with her fundamentals that will help with with understanding other characters. Ignore tier lists though, yeah she’s not high tier anymore and yes she has plenty of bad match ups but she’s not bad either…

She isn’t a kind of pick up and play character, its going to require you to invest a lot of time and take a LOT of damage just have any understanding at all of how she plays. In all honesty and this isn’t meant in a bad way if you’re new to SF a good character to learn the basics with is Ryu (yeah depressing) but he has solid everything.

Good to learn zoning with, less demanding AA options to remember, more than decent footises, obviously I am gonna say Chun is awesome fun to play as and I would never change, but she isn’t exactly beginner friendly (she’s no Viper either)… Really its your choice and if you do pick her I am pretty sure people on here will be as helpful as they can

for better or worse…chun is my girl.

Switch to Juri for a more reward exp.

I actually was considering juri too. she walks slow tho…

Cammy, without fail )