Noob questions

How do I earn LP?
Is that the same as fight money?

What is the fastest game mode to rank up your level?

Is there anywhere you can look up your stats (wins and loses) in casual mode?

Will there be clan/team/faction support in the future from capcom ?

Did all those people take only a week to get such a high level? (I’ve seen some people with a level over a hundred. It’s taken me 3 days just to get to level 9, what gives?)

Thanks guys I appreciate the answers, being that there is no instruction booklet or in-game explanation which sucks.

LP is earned by fighting in Ranked.

The ONLY mode in which you can earn LP is in Ranked.

Every level you gain with a character counts towards your total level. Do all the story thingamabobs, you’ll level up quite a few levels just from that.