Noob Rog Player...Trial #20



Focus Attack
H Buffalo Head

I cant for the life of me land the c.low kick after c.mid kick…Any tips…


Figured it out…I did the focus, dash, then land the,c.lp, headbutt…


Just to avoid flooding the Balrog any further in the future, ask questions in the Q&A thread. People would actually answer you and you won’t be wasting space. Just giving you the heads up.

And you’re always supposed to dash cancel your Focus Attacks.


we should get that stickied, but it’s kinda useless unless someone is indexing all the questions and answers in the first post :[


I actually remember a Q&A thread in here, whatever happened to it? We could make one. I would be willing to make it and update it if you don’t feel up to the task.


that’s the old one. I’d set aside two posts, and just post questions with links to the answers and/or the answers themselves in spoilers if they can be easily explained.

I’m definitely down for helping you with succinct answers with all the links and whatnot, it’d just take me forever to get something i’d feel was useable.


Cool, I appreciate it.

I haven’t been able to come in here today, I’ll make sure to get back and make the thread ASAP. I’m also thinking of perhaps writing a complete guide to Balrog, the actual ones are somewhat outdated.

Although I’m not a good source, as I’m terrible in practice, I know him well on paper. Wanna lend me a hand and vice-versa?


yeh, one at at time though. We don’t want to re-create the wheel. Lets get the Q&A up and running and then we can put some time into a guide.


So yeah, little update over here, I made the Q&A content and organized it but forgot the the notepad file on my job’s comp. Hopefully my boss from notice it/delete it.

I’ll make sure to have it up and running by Tuesday.

And I’m already working on a full Balrog guide that will explain everything extensively. The use of Frametraps, offensive strategies, advantageous spacing and the likes. I need help on O.S and safe jumps though. I don’t use any O.S aside from the crouch Tech one and I generally mess up my safe jumps a lot.