nOOb Sakura!



im a newb to capcom vs snk 2 and was hoping to get some help from people with knowledge on the game, i have played previous street fighter and KOF titles but have never excelled or was any good for that matter

So any tips on how to pick up Sakura and learn to use her properly would be grateful


Do c.LK, c.LK, s.LK xx dp+HP. Mix it up equally with c.LK, c.LK, throw.

Yeah, your threads are definately newbie alright. I like how you used cut and paste. :lol:


lol its easier that way

with sakura is this gauranteed

jump in m.P, c.LP, f,d,df+2 - ?


I have no idea what convention you’re using. You need a jump in combo? The strongest one without super meter is:

-j.HP, close s.HK xx dp+HP.
Do that when the opponent is dizzy.

Opponent knocked down:
-cross up j.MK, d.LK, d.LP, s.LK xx dp+HP

Something safe and guaranteed whether opponent blocks or not:
-any jump in, close s.HP or close s.HK xx qcf+MP

more notes:
-d.MP hits low too. It’s a very useful move you can cancel stuff from on the ground. d.MP xx qcb+HK for example. The hard hurricane kick gives +3 advantage. Mix up throw and walk up d.LK xx combo equally.

-d.LP gives you +7 frame advantage. Can link close s.HP, d.MP, or d.LK xx combo after. Delay the timing a little too every now and then to set up counter hits.

-Sakura’s good in all grooves. With C and A being the most newbie friendly.

-Press far s.HK and throw alot.

That should get you started with Sak. Good luck and have fun.