Noob seeking answers on Japanese Brands

hi guys, im just finding my feet with Arcade sticks, i have 2 questions:

  1. i own a Dreamcast and have the Sega Dreamcast official arcade stick. i am so at home with this stick, i adore it and never want to change. i thought that the stick had to be either a Sanwa or Seitmusi because of how reponsive and sensitive it is. i was shocked when i saw pictures from people who have modded this stick(bastards), it broke my heart as i realized it wasnt either a Sanwa or Seitmusi. however i am still very intrigued with the stick and wanted to know if anyone knew what parts/brands were used in the original stick/buttons.

  2. i am also trying to find out which brand out of the 2 (Sanwa or Seitmusi) will be right for me with just a little bit of guidance from you guys who have experienced both brands. ive never used either, but, having owned the Sega Dreamcast official arcade stick, i know what i require from them. the way i hold a stick goes: i dont work around the stick, the stick works around me and my weird wrist motions, which is why the DC stick’s looser feel and responsiveness were perfect for me. i havent decided to mod a stick yet, but from my comment, can anyway who has used both brands put themselves into a state of telepathy and conclude for me which stick out of the 2 is the perfect match for me. if not, just in your opinion tell me which is closer to the feel of the DC stick, the Sanwa or Seitmusi.

thanks. please both questions answered will be greatly appreciated

most people will tell you its all preference. i haven’t used seimitsu parts in a really good stick (only when modding my old hori ex2), but currently i prefer sanwa, as they feel a bit lighter and more sensitive.

as for the parts in the DC stick, the buttons seem to just be some random knockoffs that they made. the joystick is quite good though, I believe it at least uses the same micro switches that the sanwa uses. overall, the stick in the agetec feels really solid imo. im thinking about re-using the ones ive got.

personally I like seimitsu stick/sanwa buttons.

the seimitsu stick (LS 32) has a short throw and returns to center really quickly, and sanwa buttons are so responsive that you can just brush your finger on them and they’ll register

thanks for explaining, especially for pointing the bolded out

I assume you mean the Agetec “Green Goblin”, as it’s been nicknamed? I have one of those, and I love it too. I modded it not long ago with Sanwa parts.

If you’re interested in modding it, I highly recommend Sanwa parts. It sounds like you like the loose, easy movement of the stock stick, and I can tell you right now a Seimitsu is much, much stiffer, not loose like the stock. So go with Sanwa there.

Button-wise, that’ll be Sanwa too. If you’re looking for responsiveness, you cannot go wrong. People don’t exaggerate when they say you need only brush these buttons to get a response. I’ve accidentally selected characters because one of my fingers briefly rested on a button. They’re that sensitive.

Paik’s thread is a very good read regarding sanwa and seimitsu parts. It’s got hella pages but it’s all good stuff: