Noob stick question no.2: modding my Te,got a quick question

This may be kinda stupid, but i know nothing of electronics so I thought I’d check. I’ll be replacing the top plate of my TE stick with a six button plexi, meaning the wiring for the “ppp” and “kkk” buttons won’t need to attach to anything; Is it safe for me to just leave this wiring loose inside the body of the stick, or will this cause a short circuit/fire/small explosion/rift in the fabric of spacetime when I power it up? Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance for your help.

For future reference, modding related questions belong in tech talk.

The wires are fine loose, but you should make sure the contacts are insulated or else they will act as a button press if they come in contact with one of the lose grounds. Covering any exposed metal on the quick disconnects with electric tape should be fine.

thanks, will use tech talk in future