Noob story/question. Couldn't find any other thread about it so.. Yeah

A while back, I had a Hori Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2 - Soul Calibur 4 Limited Edition and this was way back before I knew about this site or the term fight stick modding. I had it for a week and it was working pretty flawlessly til my top left button (light punch) wasn’t working right. It would punch 2-3 times when I tap the button once or not punch at all, so I open it up and check to see any loose wire/scratch or whatever. So I notice of course the 2 solder points connected to each button and started unsoldering without a solder sucker, which could be the reason to the problem I am about to explain. What I did to remove the pcb(is that what it’s called?) or circuit board thing is heat up both solder point at the same time and detach them from the from each buttons 1 by 1. So I removed it, checked out the button as if I knew what to do with or find out what is wrong with it and pretty much just put it back in place. So then, I just attached the board back in, but here was the problem…I was struggling to put it back in place with the buttons and I was pretty aggressive with it and probably scratched the board pretty bad but never noticed. I soldered it back together, tried playing and now ALL my buttons don’t work except for the joystick, power button…I don’t know about the rest.

So I don’t know if my fight stick is pretty much history or is there a solution to the problem of reviving it back… Probably a new board? If so, then which? how? how much?

It’s still in my room since they’re pretty much extra buttons and joystick if I ever need to replace a worn on/broken one.

It sounds like your pcb is dead. Probably should get a madcatz pcb and wire it and connect it to the buttons and stick in order to revive it.

I can buy a madcatz pcb seperately??

Buy one from gamestop.

My SC4 Hori stick died as well, nothing works aside from the home/start buttons.

You talking about the actual SE stick or the PCB?

I could find it in gamestop? Or possibly order online?

Sorry if I don’t quite understand

i think he means a madcatz 360 gamepad … you have to hack the pad and solder a little bit …