Noob that is confused asking for some help



Hi guys,

I started playing SF recently with the Ultra version so i’m pretty new.
Did alot of research on the game so i’m familiar with the mechanics that i can learn in a short time. Still got a long way to go ofc.
But i would like to ask of your help , so i can understand my mistakes better.
I’m at a loss and starting to rage because i don’t understand, which isn’t good.
I can do the fancy combos of evil ryu with pretty decent excecution rate but i seem to lose my matches to normals/hitconfirms.
Every single time when i’m attacking someone on wakeup or when they fall down after a reset they start jabbing me while i’m jabbing aswell,
but they seem to win. it’s even against ryu,ken ect. Is this my timing? or do i need to do some option select(haven’t really learned any yet but know what they are. still getting used to the basic)
And how can i practise this?

I also have a problem with people reactionary jumping to my hadoken but i can’t seem to get my srk off before they hit me with the kick. Is there a trick to make srk come out faster or is it someting else?
I did try to look on forums on youtube for this but can’t find anything. so would love some advice:)
Thanks in advance for helping this clueless nub :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re getting jabbed out of your jab/meaties/block strings, you’re either starting them too late (i.e. their jab was started before yours and you’re getting counter-hit), you’re doing it too early and it’s whiffing, and you’re getting jabbed in your recovery, or you’re leaving gaps 3-frames or larger in your blockstrings (allowing them to slip a jab through).
The more active frames a move has, the easier it is to use as a meaty.

As for getting jumped in on, no. There’s no trick to get the dp out sooner.
You can’t punish e.ryu’s fireball with a jump on reaction. It’s got the same startup and recovery as ryu’s fireball.
Again, if you’re getting kicked in the face, you’re either throwing the fireballs too predictably and your opponent is pre-empting with a jump, or you’re dropping the shoryu input.

You should watch the replays of the matches you lose (or the matches containing the situations you mentioned) and check the inputs and pop-ups.
If your meaty jab whiffs, you did it too early. If you get counter-hit, you did it too late.


Are you on xbl?


thnx jordyloks for the info. appreciate it a lot.

audric ye I’m on xbl


I’m a beginner as well. Add me xbl: AudricVsFood