Noob That Wants To Become Better

Im pretty good at SFA3Upper & HyperAlpha but I wanna step up my game. I heard that this was the place to come to.

To get a feel for my skills I can comfortably play at 6 stars. I know a bit about 2in1s, linking, chaining, ticking & all that SF goodness. Im trying to step my game up to 8 stars with these characters, they are listed from easiest to use to hardest:

  1. Ken- A/V
  2. Zangief-V
  3. Sagat- A/V
  4. Dhalsim- ?
  5. Guile- ?

Its a tough decision to just stick with one -Ism but I only play with A, V & S. I hate X. Im dead set on using V-Gief and I have no problem with A & V Ken & Sagat. Im having a hard time even getting comfortable with an -Ism for Guile & Dhalsim. Id probably lean towards A for Guile and A with a little V for Dhalsim. Im having the most trouble with Guile cause hes the only charge character out of the bunch so its tough for linking supers.

Any advice, guides, noob tutorials, videos would be nice.

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You’re having trouble beating the game at 8 stars?

Well, I mean no offense but I know someone who can pwn my ass all day at this game and I can probably go the entire game not losing a single round on 8 stars. The best thing to do is go to regional and find a player near you to play this game. You can beat the game 8 stars no problem with your best character. But, the real competition is playing against good players and not against the computer.

Honestly, I’ve never found the computer difficulty level to be a good gauge of player skill. The computer tends to play differently than a real player, falls for patterns a real player would not, and doesn’t fall for stuff that a real player would. I’d worry less about computer difficult levels and worry more about defeating real players.

i half to agree with these 2 guys beating the computer on 8 stars is pretty easy not saying that your bad its just the fact that u havint played anybody that better then u maybe