Noob thoughts about new game play


I’m mostly new to street fighter. What I’ve loved most about usf4 is stuff like using focus attack to block fireballs… Or fadc. I can’t tell you how gratified I was after getting fadc down. I’ve heard they dumbed down the specials and taken away all of these technical tricks to dumb it down and make it play more like Naruto ninja storm or a dbz fighter. I’m not bummed about losing the work I’ve put in but I’m worried the work to put in for sfv will be slimmed down to just executing block strings. I like having a ladder to climb. New highly difficult moves to learn and EARN. I’m afraid I’ll get bored with the simplicity of this game. Spending hundreds of hours to add another tool to my skillset makes me feel like I’m reaching new plateaus, losing that sounds terrible. Am I the only one that likes this kinda stuff? Most people seem to be happy about everything being dumbed down.

Don’t get me wrong, I love footsies and applying raw intelligence to win. But i’m scared combos will be boring to input. Thoughts?


You’ll have plenty of stuff to learn now that focus and fadc dont eat up a lot of the other strategies you would normally apply in SF.

Plus each characters V skill and trigger give them their own traits that you have to learn to master. In a sense like learning a different version of fadc and focus for each character.