Noob to modding sticks here. Need advice on materials/paints to use


Hey guys, I’ve had my QanBa Q4RAF for a while and I really like it, I used to hate textiles and such in school but now that I’m in college I’ve kinda decided I miss it and wanted to do something arty with it, and I thought pimping out my stick might be good.

I’m also a bit of a safety freak as I’m only 17 so dishing out £150 from my work and shit was worth it definitely, but I don’t want to waste it haha

I was thinking of spray painting or using some kind of paint to paint the outer shell white with a few red lines nearer the bottom and stuff, maybe I can use acrylic? I’ve no experience in dismantaling this beauty but I’m sure I can do it as I have done various mods on consoles before (none for an art kind of purpose though), but in having to dismantle everything anyway I guess.
I’ve seen videos on how to replace the plexiglass and stuff however and I’ve got a design planned for that, I’m not sure if card is too thick however/may interfere with my experience, but the plan was to cut a stencil out of a blood stain pattern and my friend is going to design a stencil art of Kunimitsu from Tekken that we’ll color black, then transfer them both onto the card that will go beneath the plexiglass. This is something completely new to me though so I was wondering if it would work or not I guess. I know I’ve gotta use the template also. It’s quite a simplistic design but it’s quite personal I guess.

Finally, it’s not too necessary but it would be cool if I knew it was possible, can I change the color of the buttons if I dismantle the button topfrom the button bottom bit (I don’t know what it’s called lol)

Sorry if half this post is really nooby, but look forward to interacting with you guys :slight_smile: I’ve seen some of the art threads of sticks on here and they’re brilliant