Noob to MvC LF trainer

I am pretty good at ssf4. However, can’t really seem to be very good at mvc2, I’ve only played ~50 games but I see a massive difference in the length of my combos as opposed to others I’ve seen.

Looking for someone that wouldn’t mind explaining a couple of things in exchange for good games.

My gamertag is Kompozur3. I’ll play.

mine’s Xx OrdeR xX i’ll help out

I’m not that good, but if you’re interested my GT: t3amrand0m. The last person on here asking for people to add, I added but he never wanted to play when I was on. :wtf:

fo show i’ll add you when i get home when your down to play just send me a message with SRK so i know

Friend Request sent. I just realized you’re from Canada though. I live in Florida, so I hope the connection won’t be too laggy between us.

hahahahahaha no i live in north california and i’m on right now if your down for a game or two xD

My Bad, the Location on your Xbox page said Windsor, I assumed that was Canada. I’m Dumb.

its all good there’s actually at least 3 windsor i no of so its an honest mistake