Noob to painting plastic- help please


Recently wanted to paint plastic on some electronics, and am mostly a noob to this stuff. Found some decent acrylic white paint and painted it on w/brushes, looked great, but easily scratched off. How do i make it to wear its a durable, lasting coat?

I really like those krylon fusion paints, because it so easily seeps into and “stains” the plastic for a near permanent color with little work. Sadly however, it seems like all they offer are spray paints, and not plain dip & brush stuff.

The piece of electronics i want to paint have pretty small areas, spraying is not an option. Any help/advice here would be much appreciated!


Have you tried vinyl dye?


No. Can it be brushed on?


No, it’s easily applied via a spray can. It’s really good stuff and very hard to go wrong with.

I just went to AutoZone and grabbed a can of black

If you’re not sure on how to apply it, just google it or something, lots of useful guides.


Its a delicate job, as in small electronics, and i don’t want the whole thing to be white. Just parts of it.

A spray would be too much/too easy to screw things up badly in this situation.

Which is why i NEED a brush-on solution.


Would this vinyl dye work for repainting Astro City cabs?