Noob to sticks, so I have a few questions... Plz answer?

Basically I’m finkin of getting the Mad Catz SF4 SE stick but I wanna kno somethings…

  1. Kinda early to be finkin about this but modding the stick, is it hard?
  2. What is the make/model of the stick already fitted in the SE stick?
  3. Will the Sanwa GT-Y restrictor plate fit with this joystick? (Or do I need to buy a new JLF joystick)
  4. Will replacing the standard buttons with Sanwa OBSF - 30 buttons be worthwhile & is it a perfect fit? ( i.e. any gaps)
  5. The rumored washer problem… Should I glue the thing down?
  6. Strange question but does any1 kno if i can buy this stick from Hong Kong? (Holiday in summer ^.^), if so price/website?

Thx in advance, appreciate any1 who can help answer my questions ^^

Every single one of those answers is easily accessible. Search for it.

1)No, it’s literally just taking the old parts out and putting the new ones in, no soldering required.
3) I don’t think so.
5) Fixed.
6) I don’t know.

Modding the Mad Catz Street Fighter SE is super easy.
Just out and in.

The stock Stick in SE is Mad Catz clone of a Sanwa.
Clone of a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-W.
So it is NOT a Sanwa JLF in there.

You can attempt to put Sanwa GT-Y on Mad Catz Joystick.
Stock Restrictor on stock Joystick is on pretty tight.
Some say the GT-Y does not fit well on.
You can try; fit super on JLF though.

Replacing stock Mad Catz buttons with Sanwa OBSF-30 is no problem.
100% no problems.
Super fit.

Glue down washer if you have to.
If replace with JLF, then no need.

I don’t know about Hong Kong.

  1. the SE doesnt have a jlf.
  2. if you get a jlf, then yes, you can use that gate.

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