Noob to the Forum


just got my ps3 and MvC3 about 4 days ago. i want to take advantage of this forum so i was wondering how my level, karma, i’m not sure what’s called grows so i can gain more privileges.


  1. You can go to your control panel and buy a Premium Member subscription thing. That will help contribute to the site as well as give you access to a very handy Premium Members-only forum.

  2. If you can rack up 1,000 posts in General Discussion forum, I think you gain access to a Veteran Members-only forum where you can chat and discuss strategies with actual pro players.

  3. There used to be a reputation system in this forum, but it was scrapped due to abuse. Although, you can get these things called Contrib points by drawing fan-art, writing stories, or making videos (fighting game related) and submitting them to the appropriate forums, I think.


Are you serious?


New user here as well, just trying to get the hang of the game and the forums…I definitely need to pick up an arcade stick