Noob UMvC3 Help

[FONT=Helvetica]Posted this in the wrong section, so ill just copy my little monologue here:
Hi all, first post here. I bought UmvC3 a few months back, and im really starting to get into it. Bought an arcade stick and all. I really wanna get onto the tournament scene, but not anytime soon, I still suck horribly.

Made this thread cos i am really really bad at this game when it comes to playing the ai and other people. Played a few weeks ago and did pretty crappy in a lobby, but that compared nothing to how hard I got beaten today. Seriously, Im a beginner and this other guy was an amateur and I barely laid a scratch on his Trish while she lamed out my team from super jump height. To top it all off, he taunted me. Ouch.

I guess the main theme of this thread is to get some advice from you guys. I use a team of X23/Hulk/Hawkeye, but im not especially skilled at fighting with any. Can anyone give me some tips/constructed criticism for training and my team, or even suggest a new team? Im looking for a unique point character that isnt very played widespread, which is part of the reason I had x23 as my point. Any help will be much appreciated, as I just want to get better at doing something im starting to love :)[/FONT]

The team that you are using has several good options. X23 excels at rushing in on the opponent. Hulk can soak up a good amount of damage while dishing the same amount. Hawkeye is a very good zoner especially when you’re in XFactor. What I would suggest is to learn a basic combo from the mission mode and master that combo. Even if it is a basic combo, it will still do damage. You should do that with your other characters too so you can fall back on them if needed.

There are many guides and tutorials for beginner’s on the game mechanics and other neat stuff about the game on youtube. Learning game mechanics is very important in fighting games. Find guides specifically for your characters. Also practice on executing your combos to 100%. You should definitely check out Maximillion’s UMvC3 guides. It’s a good way to start. :smiley:

thank you so much! ill check him out!

That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s helped :smiley: i’ve been winning now by just doing mission mode with my team a lot so I memorize combos like nothing what also helps is just go to training and see what combos you can make up .