Noob vs. Scrub

My question is for the definition of noob & scrub. I was always led to believe a noob was a gamer new to the game (i.e. newbie), and a scrub was pretty much the in between noobs and vets.

The problem I see is many people classify a noob as a slur for a scrub. For example in the parry thread noobs are blamed for complaints on the parry being too hard to get around. Personally any vet can squash a noob w/ or w/o parries cause a noob doesn’t know what he/she is doing. A scrub on the other hand might complain cause he/she might know enough to formulate a strategy, however if a move like the parry squashes any chance of a strategy then I can see where the complaint comes in at.

So, is a noob a slur for a scrub or is it being used improperly or does the community need to come up with another name like scoob?

In my view, a noob is someone who is new to the game…and a scrub is someone who is ignorant to the game.

interchangable IMO.

I just said it in another thread:

I was always under the impression that a scrub was someone who thought they were good at the game but, actually were not. It is meant in a duragotory way.

A noob is someone who is new to the game and doesn’t understand all or some of the game mechanics. It can be said in a duragotory way but, not knowing the game is hardly something to be insulted over (unless you claim you do know things about the game and in which case are a scrub)

at their base level, both are interchangeable, but as one acquires knowledge on the rules and strats of the game, they become less of a ‘noob’, because in essence, noob=newbie=someone new to something. you can’t be ‘new’ to something forever.

whether they decide to implement that knowledge or not determines if they are a scrub or not.

I always thought that a scrub was someone who complains about in-game stuff without finding a way around it . . .

(From other thread) I think Sirlin said it best for me from his book:

“The derogatory term scrub means several different things. One definition is someone (especially a game player) who is not good at something (especially a game). By this definition, we all start out as scrubs, and there is certainly no shame in that. I mean the term differently, though. A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about. A scrub does not play to win.”


Also check out the Domination 101 section for a bunch of fantastic input from Mr. Killian and others about fighting game mindsets.

They way I look at it is that someone new to the game can be a scrub/noob in a non-derogatory way. Someone who knows how to execute ok but lacks mind-games is a scrub. Someone who plays with self-imposed rules, ie. throws are cheap, fireballs are for pussies, turtling is r-tarded… is a scrub in the worst sense of the word.

Everyone seems to use the term a little differently (and as some have said, in many cases interchangeably). The distinction I personally like to make is:

A noob is someone who has not yet learned the core strategies and techniques they need in order to compete at a base level in SF. However, they know that they have a lot of improving to do, and are working to improve.

A scrub is someone who does not care to learn said strategies, or believes that they already know everything that there is to know. They make excuses when they lose, or believe themselves to have won anyway because they play by an imaginary ruleset or with “honor.”

I have absolutely no problems with noobs, as they are inexperienced players.


Scrubs are people who take no time to learn anything, and will pull off cheap tricks in order to get what they want.

Shoot, I posted twice. I guess I’m a “noob” at this forum.

I’ve always thought of scrub as a much more derogatory term for someone that doesn’t respect the game nor do they have any intention to. A scrub would be someone who dragonpunches on every wakeup regardless of how badly they get punished for it. Refusal to learn.

Also they “cheap” crowd certainly falls into scrubtown.

that terms been thrown around alot lately here in socal, i was losing alot one night but when i finally started winning a set or 2, i overheard some guy saying, “wow, that Honda is a total scrub”, it turned out to be the guy that i beat earlier and he was being a sore loser… but seriously, i dont like being called a scrub, gets on my nerves, i dont even think im good and they try and bring me down with that shit, jeez -_-

I always though that… “noob” was just another word for “beginner”. Not necessarily derogatory, but not sympathetic either.

A “scrub” is a noob who is ignorant, complains, yells, makes excuses… etc. Much worse.


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Isn’t it the opposite (at least based on Sirlin’s definition), a good player will pull off “cheap” tricks to win, while the scrub is the one who calls these tricks “cheap” and complains about them.

That is my feeling. If it’s in the game it is in the game. Winning is winning.

this is true

I thought it was:

Noob: New player who is bad the the game but is willing to learn and improve and take losses like a man.

Scrub: Ignorant jackass who is playing the game with some BS rules that only they believe and refuse to learn and improve their game. Uses lame excuses when they lose.