NOOB WARNING: Crouch HP cancel into Super ...?

Hello all. Noob here. Pardon the noobness:

I picked up SF4 off Steam the other day ($19.99 woo) and I’ve started to peck away at the challenges. I button-mashed my way to Blanka’s Normal Tier 3 and I’m stuck on canceling the crouching heavy punch into his super (challenge 4/5). I can pull of the super all day and night, but I can seem to cancel out of the crouched heavy punch. I crouch with back down held to charge the super, heavy punch into forward, back, forward + punch (tried them all) … nothing. I realize my execution or timing must be pooched somewhere, but I have no idea where. I watched a video of the trial being completed on YouTube, but I can’t replicate. Any suggestions?

theres a sticky at the top of the forum for the trials combos. you might find the answer in there. Usually some fuckface will roll in and flame you for making a thread when theres a sticky that covers it.

Oop! So there is. Thanks. Hopefully my NOOB WARNING preface buys me a little leeway. My bad.

EDIT: Sure enough, there it is: “the way i do it is charge down back, downforward, downback+ hp, forward+hp.” Thanks to Fulaani.