Noobie Games SF4 Ranbat - Miami, FL - 5/2/2009

Noobie Games
3921 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Date and Time
7:00pm Sign ups
8:30pm Start time

Street Fighter 4
System - Xbox 360
Controllers- BYOC
2/3 Matches double elimination
3/5 Matches winner finals/loser finals/grand finals
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.
$12 Tournament fee with free soda and free play for the night.
Games will be played on flat screen hi def tvs

1st place - 60%
2nd place - 30%
3rd place - 10%

Contact me for any questions.
305 297 9066

Comments/feedback/suggestions please post.

P.S. Come early for some casual games before the tournament.

:rock: sweet nice blitz

I will be there.

How’s the parking situation over there?

im there

i’ll be there.

Can you do us all a favor and check that the TV’s are in their game modes or have all the extra video processing options turned off to minimize the TV lag

they are vga inputs and 5 millisecond response time, if u have problem with lag yo eyes dont work

There is a church around the corner where ppl can park for free.

Yeah, their TVs won’t lag for sure.

Not going, though, until someone at Noobie Games actually tells me what their issue is with me, since some complaining from them is the main reason why I’m not taking part of the Yasumicon gameroom this year, apparently!

ummmmm no offense dude its not that serious noone here knows who u are lol. but come on and play and intro urself n shit dooter.

yeah okay

ask the owner about ‘andres velasco y coll’ – or ask ian for that matter

specifically ask about the yasumicon gameroom last year

let me know

iight sounds fun ill be there. but my only concern is the parking…
will there be any spots reserved for the participants.

I’ll bless this event by attending

Gonna try to make my way up there. Damn it sucks living in the keys =/

I’ll try to make it, just hope there really is no parking troubles.

there is no parking trouble at all theres tons of parking, the event is after 6:30 which is when meters stop running so u can park to your hearts desire. theres also an entire church parking lot in the back

im thereeee everyone come out, this is gonna b dope!

Don’t forget to come early guys for casuals.

this is happening right guys

Ima head out there with a friend