Noobie Gouken

Hey, my character is a Gouken. I know he is a bit difficult to use and what not. I always go online to train never go on training mode unless I’m bored…Either way, for some reason when I’m playing I cant really do much. Yeah, sure I have my matchs where I dominate but when I do something like that again to the same character different player it fails. I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to use Gouken more effectively cause some days Keep Away Gouken just doesnt work for me at all. Btw I’m G2-E pad user. Eventually going to get Arcade stick.

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You need to practice…
Link to basic Gouken combos (excluding reset setups)

You can begin your journey by reading go to the gouken section in sf4 forums lots of great reads and tips watch some videos raunwynn has some excellent videos with terrific commentary and mostly everyone who posts in there will help out in some way.

But to start I recommend blocking and teching practice. Than work on some footsies/pokes and anti airs ya know the basics.

OK, I’m getting some of his combo’s down decently and trying to mix and match some of the combo’s. Now what my problem is that I come across the people that rush me and get me into a corner. I try and block and continue until I can find an opening or EX Counter when I end up being nervous and cant guess it. When I get cornered I keep hearing to either EX Demon Flip or attempt to Counter. When I EX Demon Flip sometimes it doesnt go so well or I dont know what to do after it. I never actually tried hitting the kick button during the EX DF. So my question is what else can Gouken do for a wake up if it at all possible?

Just to mention something I’m having trouble linking up his FADC combos. I either dash twice or when I go for a c.fp after a FADC it wont link.

Don’t worry bout fadc and combos work on your defense. I suggested you to go read up on the gouken forums learn the match ups, strats, watch some videos. punishment opportunities and combos will start to present themselves IMO. If you keep letting yourself get put in pressure and 50/50 guessing situations you wont get many chances for your combos. And if your looking for someone to tell you that move A will always beat move B and expect your combos to work with out practice. Good luck.

Go to the Gouken video thread and watch some videos of Shine, Valle, or Raunwyn play Gouken. Examine what pokes they use in what scenario. This will help you out with “what you can do.” Gouken has pretty good tools in footsies, he can compete.

As far as getting people off of you, Gouken has no easy solution. EX Demon Flip only works if they don’t know to walk underneath it and jab (but if they don’t and you go for the throw it is an excellent reversal). The best option on Gouken’s wakeup is to block. His backdash sucks, counter is only good if they’re not baiting it, and his only way to beat throws besides teching or jumping is EX Tatsu, which most of the cast can just crouch underneath so it doesn’t even really work on wakeup. On some bigger characters (Balrog, Sagat, Zangief) it is a legitimate reversal. But if you play Gouken you need to learn to block and tech throws really well because you can’t just DP.

The most important thing is not how to get out of pressure, but rather how to stop the pressure in the first place. Anti-air with counter, cr.hp,, ultra, super, lk tatsu, or EX tatsu, Poke with,,, and fireballs.

Are you on PS3 or 360?

He is on 360

First of all, fuck Gouken and his back grab into ultra.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, listen to the other guys here. Gouken has some good strong combos and dominating moves. If you know when to use your Palm attack to keep them away you can control the match.