Noobie help Question

So i recently picked up SFV about 4 months back and i climbed up to the 40,000 range and was wondering if i could use a keybored for my ps4 to play instead of a controller. Money is tight right now so i dont have to money to buy a proper game stick. Also is there any strict advantages to using a game stick over a controller?

Why would you want to play with a keyboard instead of a controller?

Especially if you want a stick rather than a hitbox?

I just find it difficult to

I just find it difficult to use the analog stick when comboing. Im a karin main so useing my dash can be hard to do at times.

Imma need both of ya’ll to fuck off back to the shit fighter V forum, this here is Dragon Ball territory.

Unless your game has waifus don’t bring it around these parts.

@Pertho is this a thread for GD or does it need to go elsewhere?

For some reason I can’t move this thread, weird. Either way, if you go to this thread over in the Tech Talk section (Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) )

You’ll get the help you want. Please make sure you check around for threads already made to help or that your question is going in the right section.

Thank You.