Noobie looking to build a stick


Long time lurker, first time posting :wonder:

Anyways, I’m looking to build a custom stick and I’ve been reading various sites mentioned on here and the multitude of threads. I’ve narrowed down some parts and I’m a little overwhelmed by the PCB’s out there. I have an old nubytech SC2 stick similar to the stick here The pcb: here. Is this do-able? Has anyone done this with success. Any problems that I might run into?
I’m thinking about pairing this up with a cthulu board later so that I have a pretty universal stick (I own a hori ex2 which I will mod and I’m getting the SFIV SE stick so no need for those.)


Initially, the pcb doesn’t look too bad. I have attempted to do some pretty unbearable mods, HFS2 being the dumbest one, but it works. But that stick you have is complete crap. get a box or something, if you want something cheap to start with use the mayflash stick. You might be able to find it online for under 20.