Noobie on Rolento a bit



I’m sort of a noobie on this game I’ve had for a year but I’m not that big on it until now my brother is a master on it and kicks my ass with Geese I used Akuma on him yesterday but I’ve given up on Akuma I used my similiar tactics LK Hurricane in to Dragon Punch, Fireball, Red Fireballs mix-up defensive play with aire fireballs but cause of that aire fireball’s speed it screwed me up I’m thinkin of usin Rolento he was my best and favorite character in Alpha 2, some things I use with him is a

Jumping roundhouse, crouching forward, Patriot Circle x 3
Jumping roundhouse, crouching forward, Patriot Circle x 2, Take No Prisoners
Alot of corner trapping with the Patriot Circle
Retreat with Delta Raid and come in with a fierce
Stinger, Patriot Circle x 3
Some poking everynow and then
And when I get the chance I use his escape tactics to get around and attack
I use the throws alot and the 3P and 3K techniques to suprise my opponents

I just need some pointers to get good wit my boy Rolento my brother thinks I’m good wit him but not good enough to beat his Geese!


throw knives,do random stuff if …on a-groove random activations …poke the shit out of them backroll and repeat and c.fp downlaod the combofiend valle series here from srk its old but it helps a bunch


try poke him alot with the lp to pressure him alot. then try to keep distance with him so you wouldn’t get pressured with his attacks when he tries to pressure you get away all the time. my rolento is one of my best characters in cvs2. whats your groove ?


With rolento you gotta know when to run away and when to turn the tides and play aggressive. Usually you’ll find yourself playing defensive. Common block string is walk up s.lp x2-3 then to scoot jump d+mk. D+mk from a scoot jump as well as mp from a scoot jump are good for zoning and sets up many guard crush strings. You can even just do mk during a scoot jump to cross up. More on this later.

Rolento’s awesome cuz he can be tr-tr-tr-tr-trickaaaayyy…an important thing about playing rolento is mind games. For example, after you feed your opponent with repeated walking s.lps you can walk up to him and throw him in the middle of a string. There are still people that fall for this shit. MIX IT UP. Use his rolls and jumps to your advantage and learn the properties of his normals as well as their range. It really does come in handy. Also pace back and forth with him in order to keep your opponent guessing as to what you’ll do afterwards. Pogo hopping is good especially when you hop ontop of your enemy after a knock down. From here you can open up plenty of different attacks and hopping itself builds meter too.

Don’t abuse the knives, people can just rc them and punish you. Use them after a knockdown or toss them close to yourself to build meter. Retreating jump with j.mpx2 then knife builds meter quite nicely.

Ok back to the block strings. Like I said you gotta mix it up and you also gotta be creative. in a string is important cuz after you get the opponent to block that your options increase. Either you scoot jump foward into or cross up mk then repeat or you can do a retreating roll after the then either scoot jump foward with the above options or do his punch follow up. If you’re in a situation where you think you gotta play it safe due to low life then after a blocked do a retreating kk jump or retreat roll with fp to run away and switch to the defensive. Playing defensive isn’t too hard, it’s simply using a good knowledge of your normals to your advantage to keep your opponent at arms distance. Moves like,, c.fp, well timed sweeps and even retaliating with lps work in this case. If you see an opportunity to switch back to offensive do it cuz chances are the next series of offensive maneuvers can win you the match as long as you play with care and precision.

Best groove is A imo cuz this is where he does plenty of damage on the fly. Damage is hella important with Rolento cuz at times he doesn’t deal the damage you need to make a comeback. Once your opponent whiffs an attack or when you’re able to read him it’s over. CC that I do are:

activate,, c.fpx3, sweep, [s.rh, scoot jump foward with fp]x2, [jump up with mp to lk]x2, land, s.fp, grenade super

activate in the corner,, c.fpx4, sweep, s.rh.3, scoot jump foward with mp, jump up mp, jump up mp to lk, land into grenade super

Being able to confuse your opponents, switching your attack options on the fly, good normals and packing a good cc are more than enough to raise hell on your opponent. And yeah Rolento is my best character in cvs2.


yes, i believe that a groove is better groove. But i prefer k-groove for me this is one of the dangerous groove alive. Take pressure of the opponent then try to guard crush him then BAMMM… SUPER!!! one shot no more BLING< BLING super moves instant kill hehehe.


Some tips

Aside from his jabs and d.MK, all of Rolento’s normals have slow startup. 10 frame j.MK and j.HK? What the hell is that? Unless you’re sticking out a j.LP, any time the opponent jumps to meet you air to air, more often than not Rolento’s jumping attack is going to lose. On this fact alone, playing C-groove Rolento for the air block might not be a bad idea…

10 frame anti-air far s.HK and 7 frame close s.HP I dislike too.

Anyway, in K or N-groove far s.MK xx level 3 tripwire alot. Lets you run up and punish a lot of things you normally wouldn’t be able to punish easily.

s.LP, d.LP is also an easy 2 frame link. s.LP x 3, d.LP xx level 3

bnb combo is s.LP x 2, link d.MK xx sticks.

Meaty close s.MP lets you do a lot of things as well. Up to +11 frame advantage. Meaty s.MP, s.LP, d.LP xx level 3. Or meaty s.MP, d.MK xx level 3.

Jump straight up, falling j.MP lets you setup a counter hit stand jab on a blocking opponent.

The tricky landing pogo jumps (f or b+kkk as you land) build a ridiculous amount of meter in a ridiculously short amount of time. Move can also be used as a low jump style attack, but without the delay penalty when you land. Pogo jump forward, j.HK, d.MK combos with no problem whatsoever. Pretty good!

When he’s not flying around all crazy and shit, Rolento actually has one of the strongest ground games in the game. Lots of standing jabs, crouching jabs xx LP roll back, d.HK. The d.HK when used at max range is cheap against a lot of other characters. Far s.MK and d.HP are good ground moves too. d.HP has a lot of range. Throw a lot with Rolento. He has all sorts of crazy tricks and the extended throw range he has doesn’t hurt at all. There’s a lot of cheap stuff you can do with cross up j.MK’s after the throws.

Rolento is very weak to low jumps though. I do RC LP roll back to get out of the way. I’m sure there’s some other stuff he has that I don’t know about though.

Don’t listen to that Canadian scrub, random activation, d.HP x N shit… An expert Rolento takes a lot of skill to play.


Some tips

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


You HAVE to learn how to recognize counter-hit off a jab.

HAVE TO. it’s a MUST. Seriously. :slight_smile: Go into d.MK into patriot circles/tripwire if you do, or CC.

Don’t get all frigged up when they take a normal hit on purpose either, and do blocked d.MK into patriot circles. You -can- link it. But it’s hard.

Watch the meaty s.MP’s. They’re good, but you can’t do them too close to a some characters. It’ll completely whiff.

I guess it could be a GOOD thing if your opponent doesn’t expect it (throw time!), but it’s bad if they know about it or try something.

kcxj: You are the man if you can link s.jab x2, d.MK into patriots every time. That shit is crazy tight.


Some tips

haha i was kidding although sometimes it does work but d.hp xN???:confused: rolento is all bout mind games and poking


Re: Some tips

Random activation is not mind games, it’s a waste of meter. You’re suppose to wear your opponent with mind games and bait him to retaliate AND THEN activate upon response from your opponent. A basic tactic for A groove.


yes i know…however i found it does work sometimes


Guard break or anti-trip guard anti-air are the best two setups Rolento’s CC. I’ve been watching some old Japanese matches lately. 80% of the time when Shiro’s Rolento takes damage is because he tries some random roll, super setup.

Practice your s.LP, CC, d.MK link if anybody here insists on playing A-Rolento. Normally it’s a one frame link. But when you throw the CC activation in there you get an extra frame or two for your link window.

Wasting your meter on random activations is exactly what I’m saying it is right now. A waste of meter… :bluu:


Maybe more against the computer and even newbies but the chances of you screwing up your cc opportunity and completely wasting the meter is too high under a random activation. Key word you said: SOMETIMES. Seriously don’t tell me it’s worth doing that shit as long as you already know that it’s not a guarantee strike. Saying that random activations are worth doing for the sake of “mind games” only exposes that you are unable to effectively take control of the fight when need be which is what Rolento is capable of doing.

Mind games with Rolento should be done at the expense of your normals and specials (and knowing how to use them), not at the expense of your meter. The meter serves not only for cc but this factor is the bomb that is to be dropped when you pretty much turn your enemy into your personal puppet.

It would appear that this thread applies to TWO people now.


The guy’s right. A groove is basically the only groove which allows for random supers (read: customs) with high chance of success and very low risk. And people say C/K-groove is scrubby? ROFL.


kcxj:If you can even link CC after jabs… wouldn’t that be one of his best setups?

I thought it was impossible. I can’t do it anyways. :confused:


Sakura can link far s.HK after s.LP if she throws a CC activation in the middle. Normally, that’s a -1 frame link (ie. not possible). Does that help at all? At least try stuff out more in depth before you decide to knock on it. If you can’t do anything that I listed, then feel free to not do it. Nobody’s holding you back.


I have tried it. many many times.

I even read that tragic tried it with a frame-controller or whatever it was that he used, and he couldn’t get it to work. He said it was impossible. You were even part of the thread if I remember right.

So i guess from your post it -is- possible? I was just asking a question. You said guard break and anti-trip guard anti-air are his 2 best CC setups. So I’m guessing if you can link CC after jab every time, that would also be a great setup.

I don’t know. As I’ve said, I can’t do it. But I am curious.

If you can’t do anything that I listed, then feel free to not do it. Nobody’s holding you back.

uhh… yeah.


Wow… someone else who believes me about the link into cc with rolento ^^


Drunken Master:

Don’t take my words like I’m writing a bible or something. This is a newbie Rolento thread right? Well, guess what? I’m still a major newbie with Rolento myself. If I tried playing him against good competition at this point, I would most likely get my butt handed to me.

Just because I write the two best setups for the CC are the tripguard and guard break doesn’t mean it’s set in stone that all Rolento players HAVE to do that. From my personal experience however, it’s the most common way other players have landed the CC on me. If I saw more people doing s.LP, CC, d.MK then I would without hesitation write that as being his best setup.

Where in any one of my posts did I ever say I was the master of doing that difficult d.MK link anyway?

Seems like you’re determined to find faults in every single post I’ve made here recently. If everything I post you’re determined to prove wrong, then I’m tired of wasting my time explaining myself to you. I’m assuming the only reason you’re replying to my posts and trying to start an argument every time is because of the ridiculously stupid and prejudice statements I’ve been making about Canada. Well, I’ll just write “Canada sucks” in big capital letters next time I post. Save us both the trouble of all this pointless discussion about CvS2. You can make all the disagreements and corrections you want to that. Stop following me around until then.


trust me i know how to play rolento