Noobie PCB Question

Heys guys and girls i have been a lurker on the forums for awhile but I have decided to make my own custom arcade stick and needed some help.

My question is that I have an early version mad catz controller But since this is my first time wiring a pcb or really soldering in general would it be worth picking up a common ground pad to work on? Or should I just go for it?


Most people prefer Common Ground because arcade cabinets use common ground wiring schemes, it’s easier to Dual Mod later, and it follows a fairly simple means of wiring. Connect Ground to one side, and the Signal to the other. Common line means you have to pay attention to the various commons for each button. If you feel that you know exactly what to do in a common line set up, then you’re welcome to use it.

However, I would look at this to learn some soldering skills beforehand :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. I could pick up one of these for about £20 so I think I will do that.

I will defiantly practice some soldering before I start on the real thing, thanks for the video it was very helpful.