Noobie question opening the Te S


I can’t seem to opening the TE S fight stick. i have no problems with the original TE fight stick. Any suggestions?



Arent there 6 bolts on the top face plate you can unscrew? Just remove them, and lift the joystick upward.


nah its not like the regular TE. I can hold the joystick itself without the screws and it still won’t move


Ah I remember now that the artwork is extended on the TES. It has a adhesive which is not only on the metal face plate, but onto the plastic body itself. You’ll need to remove the artwork from the body by peeling it off I’m pretty sure.


well that sucks hope i don’t ruin it. Thanks for the help



No need to remove the artwork panel at all. Just take out the 6 bolts and carefully lift up the panel. There should be a small strip of double sided tape above the cable bay holding it in place, but the resistance is minimal.


well thats a relief. But the problem is i can’t seem to find the area where the double sided tape is.


In the area above the cable bay. If there is any more then it will be near to the sides of the panel. You should be able to just gently lift the whole thing up.


thanks for all the help i got it.