Noobie Question

How do you break out of a hitting grab, not the regular grab that throws you across the screen but the grab where they continuously hit you. I’ve tried p+p, k+k. nothing works so they basically beat me

If you tech those kinds of grabs, you should fly back after the first hit.
If you’re caught in it, just mash left/right and buttons to get out faster.

If the tech isn’t working, you’re mistiming it.

I dont know what is tech? I can snap out of throws, but they can get up to 13 hits on me with a grab

just picked up this game played alpha 2 figured out the alpha counter but on alpha 3 its not the same how do i do it

check the wiki, or

foward+P+K of the same strength is to alpha counter in A3

Regarding, tech throws:

Are you playing online or offline? I find the time to tech a throw in A3 to be sooo small compare to 3s/sf4 that I rarely is able to tech a throw unless I’m already mashing PP/KK.

Mashing is worse than trying to time it. Also, if you’re playing the CPU (which I suspect you are), you won’t be able to mash out of their bash throws because it’s programmed to mash faster than humanly possible.

With Knee bashes from Karin, Charlie or Ken a player can get 8-10+ hits off of you if you aren’t mashing out. I got 11 one time with X-honda’s hug. Mashing out can reduce the hits to 6-7.

Some players will grab you and not mash to increase hits, so they may get no more than 5 hits.