Noobish Mayflash Soldering Question


Hello TT, I am in the process of my first real stick mod, upgrading the stock parts in my Mayflash to Sanwa. I stripped a couple of the screws holding the button board in place, and as a last resort I decided to just muscle the board out regardless of whether I broke it or not since it was trash anyways. When I tore it out, I wasn’t thinking about the metal prongs that connect the button board and the other PCB, and a funny thing happened: I pulled the big board out in a way that the prongs are still fully in tact to the smaller board. My question is whether I can solder the button wires to these prongs or not. I know that many people doing this mod would remove all the button boards screws and then ‘rock’ the board until the metal prongs broke, then desolder the small remainings bits, but I have the entire L-shaped prongs there still intact. I can’t see why I would not be able to connect my wires to these prongs. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks for reading.


What it is that you are thinking or wanting to do, the answer is, “Yes.”


Um, so I can solder the wires for my buttons directly to the metal prongs that are sticking out of the main PCB, instead of desoldering the prongs and attaching the wires to the PCB normally? Sorry for the messy ramble in my first post.


What it is that you are thinking or wanting to do, the answer is, “Yes.”


Ok, thank you my friend. Take care and may God bless you.


This is an even better option than soldiering to your pins… Belkin 18IN INT Ide Ribbon 2Conn 40Sok Pin 20 Keyed: Electronics
You just attach the wires of the pin holes you wish to use to your button contacts either through quick disconnects or soldering to the contacts. The quick disconnects is the solderless solution. All you would need are wire crimpers and the aforementioned ribbon cable. This is how I did it.


stupid question

this is a very basic and stupid question. do you strip the ends of the ribbon cable wires before crimping them in the quick disconnects? i’ve always done that but you seem to be implying that i don’t have to…


Yeah, how else are they supposed to make contact?


well, for larger wires, i can see how the crimping process might bite-down into the wire. however, the ribbon cable wires are so small it seems like you’d have to strip them a little. yet, i can’t figure out how to strip them because they are so small. i end up stripping away the wire too…


sorry. i’m not sure if the ‘Yeah’ was given to answer my question or if it was like ‘Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing’…???


Yes you must strip/expose the wires of some insulation or else no current will flow to and from the quick disconnects (no contact)


Yes, as been stated, you need to strip before you crimp, like so:


Make a loop to make it hold better.

Stuff into quick disconnect.

The metal on these need to be touching. It’s not something like RJ45 where it has teeth that bite into the insulation. I think that’s why you thought you might not need to strip.

Then crimp.