[Noobs] Addicted to shoto sweeps?

My situation:

  • There are no arcades in my area
  • I play 3s with 5 other people
  • They use/d Ken, Ryu, Sean, Makoto, Ibuki, Remy
  • I currently use Necro but I’ve used Oro, Twelve, Hugo, and I’ll use Akuma when i’m sick of losing
  • We’ve been playing for almost a year i guess but we play about once every couple months
  • We are huge noobs who use controllers

We sweep ALOT and it feels wrong to me. Alot of jump in roundhouses too.

It feels like I should be able to punish sweeps way more often than I do.



I’m not a 100% sure, but I think Necro’s electric snake can punish a shoto sweep on block.

or just down parry lol.

Most people in 3S have very punishable sweeps. In most 2D fighters, sweeps are safe on block, so you’ll find those people that fish for sweeps; you totally can’t do that with more than have the cast in 3S. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest barriers for people trying to learn 3S to overcome (besides the much larger amount of frames in everything). My brother, who is not half bad at ST (and 2D fighters in general, considering he rarely plays them), for example, is horrendous at 3S because he’s so accustomed to having his sweeps be safe that it completely stops him in his tracks.

In any case, my advice is to

  • Not fish for sweeps

  • Learn who has punishable sweeps (FYI, you should be able to punish the sweeps of all the shotos), and learn to punish them.

Teach yourself not to sweep everything, and then teach others not to sweep everything.

All shotos (except maybe Sean) can punish a blocked sweep at close range with c.MK -> super.

Yeah, sweeps are bad in 3S. It’s bad enough they’re hella punishable on block but you can fucking parry them too.

if you dont have a character that can punish sweeps on block with a normal your in bad shape. Youll be on the ground alot. learn a good parry punish combo. That should stop them from doing the sweeps. They’ll fear parry punish eventually and stop doing it. Also crossups work well against sweep happy people. If they wiff that sweep and your in xup range there FUCKED.

usually after a blocked sweep most characters can super back for free. Im not a pro with your people so I wouldnt know the specifics but alot of people super back after a blocked sweep.

If you can deal some good damage everytime you catch them fucking up on a sweep theyll stop fast. Just remember supers arent your only option. A good ground mind game will bust sweepers up.

If you can parry a sweep with Necro, you should have hella time to land QCF + Fierce to land serious damage.

You are playing Necro so if a shoto sweep in your guard and you have meter just do a stand MP into SA3.

Most all non-experts sweep a lot. No big deal. Just forces you to try and play against them/use them better.

Now you can learn a foostie classic from the old SF2 days. In those games, you got REALLY fat (hitbox-wise) if you were crouching, so to bait these low moves you would stand up just at the tip of the range where it would connect if you were ducking to make them whiff. Real intimidating stuff for a learning SFer, to not block low in trying to combat the fury of sweeps haha. [/nostalgia]

ahem My point is, sweeps are one of the best moves to learn how to whiff punish. If you can sniff out a sweep, hang at just the right range to make it whiff. Or walk in/out of the range to draw it out. Then sweep it back when it whiffs. It really tests your reactions when learning. (you could also super or whatever, blah)

One of the most satisfying things I learned when playing ST was sweeping a sweep. :wgrin:

Dunno if the hitbox width thing changes in 3S. Also, Necro s.MK easily punishes a blocked sweep.



Yeah, my friend sweeps all the time. I tell him it’ll get him killed, but he doesn’t listen, not even when I punnish them.

tell the remy player he can do a qcb + lk (on reaction) to punish sweeps(EDIT) AND low forward

I always abuse crouching MK, rarely ever cr. HK lol

Yeah all the shotos can pretty much be punished on reaction, with a super.

you can punish without a super with some characters too (mostly ones with fast dash attacks).

where are you at in MA? I used to play Mak,Ken but now Remy is my main.i still sweep too often myself though. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh then most likely i never did play you :p.if you do ever shoot up to around boston for a weekend or something pm i’m down for some matches :tup:

lol I said in my first post there are no arcades in my area and I only play with like 5 people.

I doubt I ever will be, but if I’m ever around I’ll send you a PM. :tup:

noobz: addictied to sweep
good playerz: addicted to option parrying

keep that in mind and re-watch your vids