Noooooob ascii stick II programmable can I fix it?


Hallo there
total noob to the forum
am a retro shmupper mostly (Psikyo fan)

my weapon of choice believe it or not is a bargain basement ascii ps one controller (and it has no turbo fire…)
but it’s light and responsive, love the side buttons

that’s for the intro - picked up an ascii stick III (3) programmable, the contacts (what a dumb design, graphite core in a silicone tab) to the lcd screen just don’t work, I’m really useless at understanding electronics, but I can solder very well, the stick powers up and responds some but the joystick is slow and jittery in game, the lcd screen doesn’t light up now but it does if you pull the whole thing apart and play with it but when it’s back together it doesn’t light up again - if you follow

can I fix this thing or can I wire it up just so that I can use the pad (joystick on fastest setting would be optimal)
any help much appreciated (I’m not bothered about the programme functions really)
the other stick I use is the hori mini, it’s switched, but it’s not quick of the mark, there’s dead space at the beginning of a mouvement but it’s cool for some games


Honestly it might be time to invest in more than $50 for a better stick


Clean those contacts on the rubber strip with alcohol. You may also need to apply some slight pressure to the lcd screen from behind. The ASCII sticks shipped with a cube of styrofoam to help them be as bright as possible. I ditched the styrofoam and did this:

Dunno whats up with your joystick… Post pics of the inside.


Dark I get you but I got this stick for 5bucks so I took a risk,
Zangeif you are on the money
I have done what you recommended already for sure
I actually thought someone had added the foam block themselves, so it’s original, very high tech :wink:
inside mine is like yours but all original, buttons are also on a pcb
the screen doesnt light up at all now even with lots of pressure it only lights up in parts
i was thinking to bypass it but don’t know how
how does this stick perform - i got this on the chance i could fix it, usually it’s just a broken wire
a sticking button a dirty contact pad but not this time
do you have an idea of common faults that i could check through
thanks for your help and the excellent picture, I’ll pull it apart again and fiddle around some more


I don’t know if anyone is reading this post any more
I imagine that I could wire the stick and buttons up to a ps1 or ps2 turbo function controller pcb
for some good effect
but as the optical stick doesn’t have 2 wires per switch like other sticks I’m not really sure
how to go about wiring it
either that or I’ll hang around until someone local can take a look into it for me


The optical stick pcb has each direction grounded already so you only need to connect one ground wire there. It needs 5 volts to work properly, so you also need to find 5v on your replacement pcb.