-=Nor Cal=- MvC2 Friday Results $$$$$

waaaaay more people showed up for poker than for marvel, but the heads that did show up showed that marvel in norcal is as good as it gets. mad props to everyone that showed up for the tourny, see you all in vegas.

1st Chunksta - 5pts
2nd Anthoneeeeeeeeeeezy - 4pts
3rd G $$$ - 3pts
4th Larry $ - 2pts
5th Orochi -1 pt

ill post full results late, some of the other folks to show up were, david mf marshall aka zenogears, CJ!!! (whos sent is looking real nice), matt, josh, bruce the recluse, that guy that played a nice iron man cable doom, mike, doug, ricki, quiet guy, B, taco bell guy and some others…the next ranking battle is in 2 weeks back in SOCAL so practice up! respect to all the players who who showed, holding it down with the best in the business…props to RANDY LEW for winning the World Series of Poker too, that shit is CRAZY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

total ranking battle points are as follows…

DUC DO - 5pts
Chunksta - 5pts
G $$$ - 5pts
Mike Ross - 4pts
Anthoneeeezy - 4pts
AMIR - 3pts
Larry $ - 2pts
Orochi - 1pt
Dark Prince - 1pt

dope tourny G$$ HAHA! you hella suprised me with your game wow i GOT RAPED!

Nick and David got hella good. hope to see you guys again.

<3 neeeeeezy

who beat c-money?!!?!?!

i was awaiting in the shadows with…


i got 3rd, wtf happened?

megaman dan you suck balls

It was hella cool seeing ya’ll, by names that is: Garret aka G$$$$ The Orochi aka Mr. Ballentine, David Marshall, and IGP-Slipgater aka Full houses suck balls lol. Thanks for having me and the svgl/salinas crew over. You guys are hella nice! Especially IGP-Slipgater, i appreciate the pizza, and most of all, THE LASAGNIA! that shit WAS BOMB DAWG! hahahahah! It was good playing ya’ll at marvel too, stay up and play good guys =]! Well, see you all in Vegas, or some upcoming tourney before that =] Peace!

P.S. Garret, i left my shades over there man =/ Can you bring’em back? lol


<3 Sac-town <3 Norcal =]

Got your shades intact here Chunk, we’ll find some way of getting 'em to ya. I’m going to be in Fremont next weekend for a wedding, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Top marvel heads in my home and I’m busy getting stacked by a bigger full house =/ more marvel next time!