Nor Cal Playa Lounge

Everyone come here…go go go!!! im too loaded to be typing…just say whatever…and ughhhh…yeah…all players post up…


“AHhhhhhh Charlie Murphy!!!” - Rick James

Edit: Vote Will Hung for govenor he plays CvS2!!!..:lol:

Got my car… 300zx… Imma do a TT swap in a few weeks:D . OMG ITS SOO SICK… oh and honda is :lame: :confused: :lame:

william hung plays cvs? he any good?

Sweet. Go for the whole JDM conversion! I actually saw a pretty good condition TT from a wrecked 300zx like a week ago and I was like, wtf! :lol:

And yes, Honda is lame. Well, the riced up ones anyways. But what do I know? I’m a Toyota-head driving a Civic. :lol: Not that it’s a bad thing cuz I get hella good milage on my Civic. Especially when gas is costing an arm and a leg these days. :mad:

I play Dudley in 3s.

Shiet buy parts through me. If you want real hard to find JDM parts I’m yer guy, since I got containers coming from Japan roughly every 5 weeks!!!

This thread should be called the nor cal stoners lounge. when ur high and go on srk, u should come here and post whatever comes across ur mind.

Orochi: Lol…too freakin classic…

Damn its hella late…and im just getting home…kicked it with the peoples…just saying sups to all who are up at twilight zone hours…


Reppin’…What is it…Err, too faded. Alchohol ***z.

-Dirt Dizzle:cool:

WHats wit it?

Damn this late night Ramen is the bomb!!!:eek:



kinda like the 808 Team Blunt page in pacific south discussion

Evo2k2 Pics
Pics are courtesy of Flipmeign and FubarDuck:

These are pics from Evo2K2…enjoy…I thought I’d post this up for everyone who doesnt go to channel capcom…ne ways…Im out…


P.S- Im in a couple of pics…number 852, my homie from GA, Rekka Ken and ME… 687 Me and Sirlin… And if anyone else wants to know who the players are just post the pic number and I’ll help ID them…I know alot of these players and if I dont someone else plz help!!!..Alot of fellow Nor Cal peeps in there go go go!!!

P.S.S- There are some great highlight pics including Shin Lifetimeboy and Orochi Arturo Sanchez!!! gotta love it…lol




haha, forget it. Its all lil jon man.:lol:


Sup Playaz??? Its just a late night wassup…juss gettin home…didnt get to go and play at SVGL like I wanted but its cool…I went up there the day before and did some nice damage on the sticks…im tired…gotta go…everyone practice up for console nutty EVo!!!

      -B.:D :    "YeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"