Nor Cal Player Lounge

In junction with unifying all of Nor Cal, I just wanted to bust out a kick back thread for ALL players “Top” or not can just voice there thoughts and just say wassup…So post away…and Happy New Years and Holidays to every friend and enemy…



damn…LOL…gotta love that avatar…keep it classic and keep it gangsta…!!! Keepin it way too glitchy…hahahahaha


Hi. Who’s a great addition to N-Maki/xxx/Hibiki other than CBS SM and chunli/rugal.

and where is the cheapest place to buy pizza? other than little cesars?

'Sup? Hella late. :o

Jesse is a player

Jesse is lounging

Jesse is in norcal

need i say more?


sup ya’ll. O_o i stole buktooth’s avatar and i’m awesome for some random reason; dr. b come to reno and beast on jp or something at cvs2 :smiley:

i’m very low teir player

HAPPY Holidays everyone!!! Friend and foe alike…Im out…


i <3 blanka
blanka and maki should have a baby called “blanki”

what about


sounds more appetizing.

gaaaah, im b0red… i <3 sleeping only 4/5 hrs… tryin to get it down to 2-3… oh welll… happy holidays:D

Love the MVC2 team. I used to use it. How’s that working out for you? What order you use it in?

In my head Cable/Strider/Doom made more sense since Cable could build meter for strider, and i assumed that if Cable WERE to use up all the super, that means that I got lucky and shot one of them so It’d work either way.

Strider/Cable/Doom seems to yield the best results though. My assumption is that Cable’s assist builds me enough bar. Also, unless he gets hit in the opening of the match, Strider will more than likely beat up magneto’s.

I don’t live in Nor cal but your herb is nice. Got some Northern lights for Christmas, keep up the good growing Cali.

Do you guys consider Fresno to be NorCal or what, because hardly any players from up north come here. We have good arcades n stuff. And I think we have ok comp.

the team is working great
the reason i use cable first is, just ot build meter and to give as much damage as possible. then i switch strider in and GAME OVER
cuz i suck at mvc2 :frowning:

ICEMAN forever!!!

-B.:D :lol:

yeah FRESNO and VISALIA DR B IS COMING im gonna own that S grove hahaha!

Hahahaha Lalo u have yet to feel the S-caryness of S fool!!! I’ll warm u up with some A or N then we’ll move to the other grooves…lol!!!


lol! is anticpating the Ki of Dr B :slight_smile: