Nor Cal regionals 2013! first major tourney to expect?


Hey everyone im going to attending NorCal Regionals 2013 next month! Im really hyped!! its my first major tournament, was wondering if anyone can give me any tips, training regimens or ideas of what to expect while there. im going to compete in ssf4 ae 2012 sfxt and ttt2. any feedback would be awesome


ib4 take a shower comments

theres no special tournament training besides preparing for whatever specific platform they are using. you can expect a lot of people there who also play the same games you do and lots of standing around waiting for your turn (bring comfy shoes?) lol. its not like an alien planet. just have fun


tell them you want to run 3s too


Ramp up your training at least a week before the tournament to get in some last minute practice. More importantly, be sure to get plenty of rest, eat a light meal that won’t bog you down, but won’t cause you to starve halfway through the event, and just be sure to relax and have fun while getting to know the other players.

Not much to it other than that. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a backpack or something to carry your stick in, and it’s probably a good idea to bring a water bottle with you that you can refill. Some hand sanitizer is probably a good idea along with some Vitamin C the day of the tournament. It would suck to catch some sort of NCR Virus.