Nor Cal Regionals Pics

Here are pics from NCR if ya havent seen them yet…thanks to Peachy and Zachdms…



Nice shit! I still hate to think that all those people actually fit inside that arcade! :):slight_smile:

Sup B, we need one of you on the EC

Mixup: Lol…I need to get out there to some tourneys…whenever I can I will I need to kick it with u fools…EC peeps are ku with me…


Man Peachy looking high as fuck in those pics, wtf he been smoking. :lol:

Greta pics man :)~! memorires can last now for me :)~!!

oh shit that’s Dasrik???

Lol thats what I was saying…I have seen that dude like a million times and didnt know it was him…too funny…


no wonder he so good at flame wars…!

thats me playing potter. I killed his mag and his storm came back and killed my whole team. good shit potts.


Darsik is THE ugliest fucker I have ever SEEN. I just loast ALL respect for him.

Wow, I didn’t know that being ugly meant not being worthy of respect. Holy shit, I’ll just hang myself now!

Oh man. This is what I get for trying to be cute and pulling back ugly faces before the camera goes off. :frowning:

I was just kidding, but your are pretty ugly.

You guys are some pretty fucked up dudes. Us ugly foos need to band together and form an army or something.

yo dude. shut up.
dasrik is a cool looking guy. unlike all those other fools. like ricky the rat-faced girl. or that asian kid in the supergay plaid hat.


Golf Samurai…hehehe :)~!

ugly award goes to justus

Ricky is ugly as hell too.