- Nor-cal Regionals -

yo does a bus go to golfland from the Great Mall???


your very first match in winners is only one match; do or die to stay in winners

if you lose then you go to the losers, which is 2 out of 3 matches if possible

if you win then you stay in winners, and the rest of winners is 2 out of 3 matches if possible

CVS2 just takes too damn long

Joe there is no Cap in the tourney right?

No problem homie :smokin:

Nope, no caps…

Ya dem it does, since you live near svgl my best bet would take the 22 to the 62 then take that one heading to penictiacia creek or however you spell it, then take it till you get to the san jose civic center If I’m correct there’ll be a lightrail near by the area. If this is confusing you just ask the driver when you take the 62 that you wanna take the 66. I think you can take the 66 or light rail to the great mall. You can the 66 to jacklin where (mgl is on) but you’ll have to walk 3 or 4 blocks up north. My best bet is to just take the 46 at the great mall and it will take you directly to mgl. If your still confused just call VTA at 321-2300 and talk to one of the operators.

CVS2 Rules Updated

[LEFT]**Capcom VS. SNK 2 “SOLO BATTLES” rules above have been changed.

(LOSERS best of 1/WINNERS 2 of 3/FINALS 3 of 5)

However rules are subject to change depending on turnout.**[/LEFT]

will there be enough space for observers to watch?

MGL in general has more space than SVGL, so I’m sure there will be room for spectators to watch. I’m kind of glad it’s at MGL this time around so that vertically challenged people like myself can see what the fuck is going on :stuck_out_tongue:


If I can get a ride from Twotone, Im definately there. But the entry fees are a bit pricy X_X

It wouldn’t be a traditional Nor Cal Regional without the good doc…I’ll see if I could make it…

-The Notorious D-R-B


Is there bus from the great mall to MGL

which bus is it :laugh: forgot to tell me!!!

No More Street Fighter 1 Special??? That Shit Was Hilarious And Hella Fun!!! Because You Dont Know Who’s Gonna Win Hahahahaha!!

i’ll win that shit again.:tup:

lol we’ll see. No promises tho.

I hear theres gonna be door prizes!?

Nothing like that is planned as far as I know.

Shit Socal 3s pros might show up for this one… pyro, amir, arlieth, etc… should be a dandy!



is there puzzle fighter at MGL?

Yes, I witnessed my cousin get owned first hand on that game :clap:

i hope norcal is ready cuz socal’s best sounds like they gonna come and take all in 3s… :rolleyes: