Nor Cali Pre-Evolution Tourney 6/12/04 MvC2,3S,CvS2

1.Alex (Chunkster) Team Santhrax
2.Ricky O MSP
3.Chris S MSP
4.Hyro sent/cable/cyclops

Chunkster sent Ricky to the finals (3-0). Ricky won the first 2 games against Chris, with Chris putting a comback by winning the next 2 games and Ricky winning the losers finals.
Chunkster beat Ricky (3-0) in finals… Good job to all those who played…and for the 2 guys who left the tournament, it’s double elim!

For CvS2 it was 20 entrants

1st- Ricky “April O’ Neil” Ortiz
2nd- Brandon " Trail Blazin’" Chaney aka “Dr.B"
3rd- Jon " I can Parry Everything” Bui aka
"Jon B."
4th- Keith “I aint a Ho” Ho aka IKEITH

Good shit Keith.

What were the CvS2 teams/grooves??

goood shit alex and chris. HOld it down for svgl.


haha thanks man
you goin to MWC?

what teams were used in cvs2?


I don’t know why people are so damned obsessed with knowing what teams were used, but here goes nothing:

Ricky Ortiz: K-CBS, N-Akuma/Vega/Sagat, C-Blanka/Vega/Sagat
Brandon “Dr. B” Chaney: a mix of C/S-CBS and Yamazaki
Jon “Jon B.” Bui: P-Chang/Sagat/Cammy, P-CBS
Keith “IKEITH” Ho: C/K-Maki/Sagat/Blanka

Pink Chang is top-tier! :eek: :lol:

Is IKEITH the asian guy who wears small glasses,spiked hair?
Anyway, wish I coulda come, I’m fukin swamped with final papers.
God Job Jon B, how did you do vs Dr.B?I would assume it woulda been some close matches.

Good games to all who entered. Man
Brian J. aka “360_Gief Kid” is way too good…that kid is like 8 and owns fools…he’s the future for real.Nice shit Alex for taking 1st in MvC2 and seeing Hydro and my other old friends was real ku, Jon B. was getting nutty with P-Chang good work no doubt…too many close matches and upsets…catch everyone lata…i used C-Yam/Bison/Sag and S- Blnka/Cam/Sag/Bison also S-Sakaura…and A groove Cammy/Terry/Sag.


i got those thick-rimmed fobby glasses :stuck_out_tongue:
i think i seen you around svgl from time to time… you use p-sak right?

pretty much all of the matches between me/jon/drb were pretty close and went to the last match

ricky was pretty untouchable though…

gief kid:
haha nice to see that you picked up maki :smiley: you’d prolly do a little better if you put her either 1st or 2nd on the team though… putting her as R1 as your anchor is pretty dangerous since she has some pretty hard matchups against some of the more popular R2 characters

Cool!Your Maki is hella dangerous, good job man.Ill say whats up next time I see ya.

Hey, we weren’t in this tourney…

oops, my mistake lol. Of course i knew that, if we werent physically there how in the world could we be there.

Ricky is far from untouchable…that comment is too funny,Jon B. was messin’ with him with P-groove Chang 2 tourneys in a row now…and good games Keith…even though Ricky was trying to get you to beat me so he wouldnt fight me in the finals…looks like even his coaching couldnt pull it through. In top of winners I was fuckin around and picking A groove and shit, but he still beat me i can admit.But in finals we went to last char each time…We’ll see how untouchable he is this year…cause last year he got beat down by Jason Cole…someone that he had beat during the season many of times…so who knows what everyone really has up their sleeve…lets just say the term Sand Bagging was used all that tournament from everyone…And I hope the “footage” u had recorded of me helps…:lol: ne ways Im outty…Good shit to Jon. B as always and of course Crescent-X and all of OCV Krew…see u at Evo.


cool dood, i’ll prolly try to stop by this friday or saturday to get some practice in

haha chill out man i’m just givin props to the tourney winner. i don’t think ricky lost a single match the entire tourney so i guess that could be considered pretty untouchable for that particular tourney(i think he might’ve OCV’d you with vega once or twice too but maybe i’m remembering wrong :rolleyes: )… sorry if some people got mad from what i said.
no hate though… i mean you beat me, so gg’s there between me and you. same with jon b.
LoL and don’t think much of the “footage” either. i almost always record my later matches in tournies. it didn’t really have anything to do with the fact that i was playin you. i’ve recorded matches of me playin with a whole bunch of norcal people, nothing special.

Fuckin A iKeith

Rep that shit like a G

hey jon/noodleculture

would you mind taking an apprentice this summer? im the p groove player from davis you played a few times, and im seekin guidance.:cool:

While you are at it Jon B. give me some pointers on P groove too…I have been picking it up and need a true P Groovers advice…you and SV4 aka Jhamal…


Yeah, Gief Kid is badass!!!1!!

I remember the npt tounrament b4 this one, he almost beat my sim.:eek: and he gave my ryu trouble.