Nor-NorCal! (Yuba City/Marysville/Chico)


**Welcome to the thread! **

Stay a while and chat with us! : 3

**[CENTER]The Stage:**Yuba City…While it might be a small city compared to it’s neighbors, it holds some pretty awesome people! We are a friendly bunch and interested in playing Street/Tekken/BlazBlue/Brawl with just about anyone who travels their way here. (We don’t mind traveling either though.) This thread is a place for us to unite all the Nor-Norcal players and for everyone to make some new friends!

[FONT=“Verdana”]The Players:[/FONT]

Truffle (Chico)
White Shadow (Yuba)
RawwStewage (Yuba)
Nubsta (Yuba)
QTP (Yuba)
RedJ (Yuba)
Jmac (Yuba)
Sal (Yuba)
Ukno (Yuba)
Dog (Yuba)

The Tournaments: [/CENTER]
NO tourney scheduled at the moment. :c.



[COLOR=“Brown”][FONT=“Verdana”]August 14, 2010

Tournament will start at 3:00pm.

Powerplay Game Lounge
861 Gray Ave. Yuba City, California


SFIV Singles: $5

1st: 60% of pot
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Try not to take up the entire parking lot, as it’s supposed to be shared between the 6 or so businesses that are in that small plaza. On the other side of Gray Avenue is a Round Table Pizza with a HUGE parking lot that they rarely fill, so feel free to use the spaces that are closest to Gray and the other humongous parking lot to the North (over by Yuba Buffet, Hertz, and K-Mart).

With this new venue, there are many options that are within a 3-5 minute walk or less.

Domino’s Pizza: It’s 2 doors down from Powerplay, but it has no place to sit. Whamp whamp.

Yo-Yo-Yogurt: One door down, if you like yogurt shops.

Round Table Pizza: Right across the street in the gray avenue shopping plaza.

Yuba Buffet: Across the street next to Round Table. (semi-cheap Chinese food buffet that’s really good).

Brock’s Ice Cream:Best ice cream in town by far. North on Gray.

Jack in the Box: North on Gray and left on Colusa Ave. about 200m down on the right (in the Mall parking lot)

Weinerschniztel, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Casa Carlos, Perkos, and Taco Bell: South on Gray, and West (right) on Bridge street


110% payout?


Was rushing to get that second post up. Yikes!

It’s edited now. : )


heh need a date. I’m a Chico State Alum glad to see someone starting something up in the area. When I was going to school there wasn’t much around.


Nice! I lived in Chico for 4 years before moving to Reno. I’m moving back in a week though and I’m going to try get something to happen at least once a month. I know the players are there. All we got to do is start playing.


February 6th, 2010 will be the first tourney.


right down the street :tup:
i’ll be there


Awesome! Can’t wait to get some matches in.


i’m down to session whenever, my place your place doesn’t matter. I want to play more.


is there internet there? ?.?


OMG. Local tourneys? No traveling!? Awesome. I will be there to take all 6 people’s fight money :slight_smile:


Ne, good to see other areas scenes growing too.

Best of luck to you, Yuba City/Marysville/Chico!


I dunno. My viper is hungry for some Yuba money.

You’re an Akuma player, yeah?


Yup. Welcome back to town. Whenever you wanna session let Stewie and I know. I need Viper exp.


Definitely. My cell phone is 530.300.4577.

I’m only working 3 days a week, so I have time to practice and I’m sane. : p


Yes the venue has internet. It’s a pretty nice gaming lounge. I’ll post pics soon.

Annnnnd did any fellow Yuba players want to go to the Davis tourney on the 17th with me? Eh? Eh?


Stewie And I are going but we’re partnered with Sicx already.


he’s talking about droms dawg. 3v3 is on the 23rd

anyways i’d be down


Hahaha, okay. That makes more sense to me now. But yes, Drom’s tourney. I’ll be driving and it would be nice to have some company.

Also, you guys should add me on aim.




Sounds cool, I’m in. I’ll see if I can talk some others from Stockton to come.