NORB 1.5 New Orleans, LA Results 10/12/09


Street Fighter IV

1st. Not Vegita-X :rofl:

1st. Jakob (Dictator, Chun-Li)
2nd. Thanh (Sagat)
3rd. kenmastersX (Akuma)


1st. (Tie) Jakob/Stone/Bertell
Last. All the kn3wbs that dropped the game and killed our BB scene.

(BB never happened only 3 people where interested)

Hopefully T6 will spark some life back into our scene, BR is too busy getting trashed and watching football to come to our ranbats.

GG’s to all

Vids are up


Well, since Vegita-x didn’t show, I’m glad he didn’t win. :slight_smile: I heard 4th was Play-n-Trade’s Jason T. again with his Abel and I’m guessing Sakura tag team.

Hopefully we have a little more notice and I am in town for the next one. Let us know when the videos are up.


how many people showed up?


Around 12 people I think, I just think it’s messed up Pat didn’t let us know that he couldn’t come until Jakob called him, we could’ve definitely moved up the tourney a week or two later.


damn only 12 people? I should have got my ass up and went to PNT with thanh… haha


who is thanh i didnt remember any half way decent sagats when i was there.


Errr…that sucks that BB fell off like that. I had work last night as usual, and me and joseph weren’t sure if BB was still on due to the polls and uproar after last tourney’s turnout. If i ever get a Sunday off, or if i can ever make it out to the PnT Friday casuals, I’m down for some BB training. Just been a noob lately since i gotta make that paper. Hey, if there’s enough for a tourney then bonus. Do you know if PnT or any other place nearby is ever gonna throw another Friday tourney? It looks like those will be the only ones I’d be available for, and when T6 comes out, it’s serious business… Keep us MS folk posted. We had a strong Tekken scene before Katrina ravaged all our arcades, and we’re gonna rise from the ashes as soon as the 27th comes along.


I was actually tired of winning thats all…I wanted to use the time to practice and get ready for Sb4 next weekend…I didnt need the money and would rather play at home online ya know… but non the less I see that no one in louisiana can beat Jakob beside me… such a shame… anyway gs to everyone that went and I should be at the next ranbat of course…

P.S…Louisiana is so far behind in Sf4…:frowning:


I think he came in 4th at battle for the south. He lost to Winchester in the losers semis if I remember correctly.


SF4 had 13 people actually lol.

The thing is, we actually have a lot of **potential ** good players just none of them really practice SF4. Pat is the only one who plays the game regularly that has a good sense on how to play a fighting game.

It is pretty sad that no one else can give me comp especially in tourneys when i drop everything and get some random ass commands that’ll get me own3d against better players. I don’t play FG’s a lot anymore and when i do it’s usually BB and if i get on SF4 i’m usually messing around with random characters and people who don’t play seriously. Even though SF4 isn’t exactly my favorite game, i’d probably play it still if this scene was actually evolving and online play wasn’t my only option for serious comp.

This scene also is the type to see something that punishes them hard for their mistakes and go ZOMG BROKEN! and quit the game (which is why BB died and so will T6 most likely)

I’m not going to let BB die completely, if there’s a demand for it then i’ll try to get it going again. Right now me, Stone, Bertell, and a few BR guys are the only ones that’ll play it.


When I come back home i’m gonna pop that big head of yours. Just so you know.


my bro in law and yeah he came in 4th at battle for the south. trust me, He can beat jakkob, he just gets tired of jakkobs gameplay and rushes in.


Good job Jakob and kenmasters


That line just makes me kinda pissed off, you’re pretty much shitting on the community here. You went ahead and announced the ranbat (barely, someone had to mention it the day before for me to know about it) the weekend before season’s beatings, and even though people showed up you didn’t.

You might as well have said screw it and have the ranbat later where you could’ve had more people since they would have more notice. Of course you didn’t give a shit about the community, you just want the community to level up to help you. It’s not going to do shit with that attitude.

Even though I can’t beat Jakob all the time doesn’t mean I can’t beat you. I’m willing to put money on the line to back up my talk too, if you have time before Season’s Beatings in the next few nights I’ll play you for first to 10 for $50. We’ll have it at Dibbz where people can watch and see your punk ass go down, and I’ll announce right now I’ll use Vega and Akuma so that you don’t cry “you beat me because you picked random characters so it doesn’t count” Real talk.


I think using akuma would be cheating. You should use vega and Dan to make it fair.


Im just gonna say it. Jakob man your a great guy but your putting down people you havent played in a while. I practice atleast 3 hours a day. My fuerte is not what it used to be. I can pull off RSF easily now up to 6 hits. I have no one to play here in LA so my only experience is through online. The only person that really makes an effort to come out is charles but he doesnt own a 360 nor a stick. so we end up geting stuck doing 2 hours rotations and it gets hella boring.

To be honest there is not much to know about bison…


:rofl: Maybe.

Yeah, it really does suck. Sorry I haven’t been doing much in the way of coming out at all the past few months. I was actually going to just take a long break and only occasionally come out when I’m not busy saving up cash, just this current behavior pisses me off.


you gonna stop sleeping on me…just remember the last time we played online you only won 13-11 and i didnt play honda the entire time.

i have played jakob once and it was a really close match at BFTS. back then i didnt know half the shit i know now and i’m pretty sure i would fare much better today.

honestly i know me and my city get slept on a lot because we havent traveled lately for tournies(we all work fridays and i’m not missing saints games) but at evo i repped LA hard and did pretty well in my pool, actually one win away from top 8 in my pool. hell even at BFTS i did pretty well, probably a win or 2 away from top 8 there. just keep sleeping, that pillow will only soften the fall from the top.


show up to a tourney and dont get randomed out then ppl will take you seriously brian :stuck_out_tongue:

and wtf are you guys talking about there being no one to play?

sorry for not bringing my a game to this tourney… wont happen again


If this goes on, its going to get no where fast!

Tekken 6 in 15 days!!:party: