Norcal Accent Core Players

Sup guys! Please use this thread for all info regarding tournaments, Gatherings, ETC. I figure if 10 ppl showed up at tylers tournament and 8 at SFSU thats like 18 ppl! We have a scene!:party:

What it do? Yeah I really want to play this game with peoples

raise hand

har har

ya I need to play some heads round here.

yeah…games much fun. :lovin:

I’m having a gathering tuesday in concord. I haven’t played guilty gear in forever, but it would be cool if someone could bring it. Peace.

doesnt bboykilo have guilty gear gatherings?

i remember he invited me to one.

are they gonna be on an arcade or console? either way i’d like to play some GG AC.

Ya! I was just trying to make a thread just to put the word out that ppl do play lol.

ALL YOU GUYS ARE WELCOME TO PLAY GUILTY GEAR AC AT MY HOUSE! I ALWAYS THROW GATHERINGS AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK!’ll be at my garage, just bring a sweatshirt just in case you guys get cold, but it usually isn’t since i close the garage! i got one mas joystick so feel free to bring your own…also the game is played on PS2, and really descent size T.V…like a 37 inch! (i think)…hit me up and let me know how often are you guys available! besides, the practice is good!..peace guys!

Tone! if you are reading this call someone lol!

Nobody tells me like the day in advance… ever.

Don’t you guys do anything on fridays or saturdays? I cant come through on weekdays due to school usually =\

ALright TONE…i shal let you know in advance!..but i try callin dude! ain’t nobody pickin up ur house fone son!

HEY GUYS WHAT’S UP! I’m HAVING ANOTHER GATHER AT MY HOUSE THIS FRIDAY! (the 6th) and POSSIBLY ON SATURDAY, HOPEFULLY SOME OF YOU CAN MAKE IT! friday will be during anytime after 6:30 or 7pm…SATURDAY, can be as early after 12pm, so that way we all can play during the day time! or night time, whatever you guys prefer!
if you need my number, PM me! i will answer back!

During the day nobody is there, so sadly you’d have to call after 5 PM or so

I’m working tomorrow though so I can’t make it :frowning:

daamn nor cal

i should show up randomly :3

where is Vacaville? THat shit sounds far?(from sunnyvale lets say)

Hell yeah it is, anyone gonna run something closer to the bay?

i’m afraid not, i think i’m the only one that throws gatherings so far! but Sunnyvale! it’s only like an hour and like 20 min drive, maybe less i think! HEY MAGUS and NEGRONINJA, you guys should come, the more people the better!