NorCal Battle Royale 3v3 Regional Teams SSFIV:AE 2012 Tournament


Finals Date: TBA

More info:

– Qualifiers Format –
Round Robin
Team A consists of the top 3 placers
Team B consists of the next 3 best placers.
7th/8th place finishers are qualified for random drawing into the wildcard teams.
Region locked. Must attend the regional qualifier where you live.

– Regions List/Organizers –
South Bay
East Bay
North Bay
San Francisco/Peninsula
Sacramento & San Joaquin Counties
Wildcard - Picked out of a hat – Must qualify for own region to be considered for wildcard team. Needs to be 7th/8th place.

– Regional Qualifiers –

Xsk_Samurai (Ryu)
Tommy Duong (Abel)
Demonik (Seth)

Ryan (Cammy)
Jerry (Zangief)
Jared Wong (Rose)

Jacon (E. Honda)
Method (Ryu)

East Bay
LPN (Cammy)
JSze (Ken)

Lunchbox (Fuerte)
Hiro (Blanka)
JL3G3ND (Guy)

Quez (Boxer)
FTB (Cammy)

North Bay
HooDaMan (Honda)
Harrison (Cody)
Doug (Guy)

Patrick (Rufus)
DemonLos (Balrog)
Makara (Bison)

Jacob K (??)
Martij (??)
South Bay
January 26, 2012 - Check SRK EX Factor group for information

***San Francisco/***Peninsula
January 27, 2012 - Qualifier information

***Sacramento & San Joaquin Counties ***
January 26, 2012 - Qualifier Information

Castro Valley/Hayward area SF4, UMVC3, SFXT

come check us… in san leandro on the 28th… follow us on for more info on the east bay qualifiers for battle royale




We have a new poll up in the EX-Factor group. It would help if everyone could answer the poll, so the organizers for each region know how many setups they need to bring, and how big of a place they need! Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


Quals signup for Peninsula and San Francisco:




i read “battle royale” and thought this was a playstation all stars battle royale tournament


Sac is ready. Hopefully qualifiers wont be during SCR lol


First thread updated with the teams for Fresno and East Bay! :slight_smile:


What happened to the “Solano” section? I remember seeing it as TBA, and now that it’s gone, and the East Bay section is done… where would those of us in Solano County go to qualify?


Solano County is now part of the North Bay qualifiers which is being held on January 14th. More info can be found here:


Qualifier info for Sac/Davis/San Joaquin County has been updated in the first post:


Solano 707 folks, please direct any questions or concerns you might have to me and check out our quals page here: . I posted info in the Ramnation thread as well but please spread the world to other Solano players that they will be competing as North Bay just like last time. If you need to reach me directly, the best way to do it is via twitter @vdonv3 or to email me vdon (at) planetskill (dot) com. Thanks again!


I MAY have signed up twice lol. Whoops.


Really looking forward to this tournament.


North Bay qualifiers people we will be starting at 8pm sharp with registration cutting off at 7:45pm. No exceptions! Please be on time and bring your own stick. Setups are all PS3 on Asus’. Best of luck!


Any info update yet? Where you at, Kineda?!


Here’s the details for the San Francisco/Peninsula qualifiers:

Please mark if you’re going because we need to bring the appropriate amount of setups.


Here are your NorCal Battle Royale 3v3 Teams! Thanks to everyone that participated and gave a shot at qualifying for your regional team. It’s been amazing to see all the NorCal organizers and players come together. The grand finals is going to be mad hype… Sik will have details for everyone shortly on the date and time. I believe he’s looking at the beginning of March for NBR Finals. :slight_smile:

Good job to everyone that made it onto Team A and B. If you’re on the wildcard list, we have a sweet surprise for you that we think you’ll really enjoy. Stay tuned!

*El Cubano Loco and Crackfiend need to play for the final Team A SouthBay spot. They’re tied for points.

A) SCE | RZR LPN - Cammy
A) SCE | J Sze - Ken
A) Sikwidit - Bison
B) Lunchbox - El Fuerte
B) Hiro - Blanka
B) J L3G3ND - Guy
WC) FB Marquez - Balrog
WC) FTB - Cammy

A) AC | Xsk_Samurai - Ryu
A) Tommy Duong - Abel
A) Demonik - Seth
B) Ryan - Cammy
B) Jerry - Zangief
B) AC | Jared Wong - Rose
WC) Jacob - Honda
WC) Method - Ryu

A) Hoodaman - Honda
A) SBA Harrison - Cody
A) Doug - Guy
B) Patrick - Rufus
B) Demon Los - Balrog
B) Makara - Bison
WC) Jacob K - Ryu
WC) Martij - Zangief

A) Ranelle - Chunli
A) Bsida - Ken
A) Sudden BlackOut - Honda
B) Brandon - Juri
B) Manny - Abel
B) Le - Ken
WC) Matt - Seth
WC) Julian - T. Hawk

A) Mak Daddy - Makoto
A) Julio - Yun
*TBD) El Cubano Loco - Vega
*TBD) Crackfiend - Balrog
B) Lamerboi - Guile
B) Scunsion - Fei Long
WC) Kimo - Hakan
WC) Boba Tapioca - Fei Long

A) Kineda - Akuma
A) Illiterate - Yang
A) WillPower - Deejay
B) Kurokiba - Deejay
B) USF Don - Fei Long
B) Hargi - Ryu
WC) SF Gief - Zangief
WC) Slompo - Balrog